News February 09, 2018
Igniting Creativity and Teamwork at Marina Bay Sands

Introduced most recently at the OneMBS Champions team bonding session and OneMBS Achievers Award ceremony, IGNITE – which stands for Identify, Generate, Navigate, Initiate, Transform and Evaluate – is a flexible toolset specifically developed for continuous improvement at Marina Bay Sands.  The program is set up to engage Team Members by equipping them with the mindset to believe that they can get better at their jobs by challenging the status quo, the skillset to harness creativity of other Team Members to effectively manage change within the workplace, and the toolset to identify root causes and create innovative solutions. 

“IGNITE is a framework that we can use to re-evaluate any of our operations and look at how we can continuously improve,” Ian Wilson, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, said.  “As an organization in an environment that is changing faster than before, the skills that we bring and the focus on being open, learning, and trying new things are really important.”

Combining the best aspects of other renowned training programs, IGNITE encompasses a variety of tools designed to maximize profitability through service and productivity, customized specifically to the property.  IGNITE training workshops will engage Team Members through relevant examples and case studies which are applicable to everyday tasks.  Marina Bay Sands and Las Vegas Sands strive to provide Team Members with extensive training and other opportunities to advance within the company.  Through Sands Academy in Las Vegas and Sands China Academy in Macao, the company is also committed to helping people advance in the hospitality industry through support programs that will shape the future of the industry. 

“IGNITE is a great, adaptive toolset for Team Members who passionately challenge the status quo,” David Giles, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis, said.  “They can use IGNITE to develop creative solutions while collaborating with other departments on different projects and initiatives.  The Operational Evaluation and Analysis team, led by Jay Thyagarajan and supported by Learning and Development, have done an excellent job working together to develop this program.”

The pilot IGNITE training workshop was held in November 2017 with 12 participants comprised of OneMBS Champions, department heads and trainers.  The full roll-out for the program is scheduled for 2018, where they will educate Team Members on the IGNITE toolset, train them on essential mindsets, and equip them with lifelong learning skillsets, such as basic financial analysis, presentation skills, and project management.  Administrators of the program hope to expand IGNITE to Macao, Las Vegas and Pennsylvania.  Developed alongside OneMBS, the properties internal training program on Las Vegas Sands’ corporate objectives and how to apply and align company objectives across all departments, IGNITE’s framework is a natural extension of the properties core values.

“In line with our focus of life-long learning, IGNITE sets the foundation for nurturing a culture where Team Members learn to constantly think about how to do things better,” Elaine Seow, Director of Talent Development and Management (Human Resources), said.  “They are able to create a positive impact and unforgettable memories for both our guests and internal customers.”