News September 13, 2016
Sands Academy and Bank of America host Personal Finance Fundamentals Workshop

At the end of August, Sands Academy and Bank of America hosted a Personal Finance workshop for Las Vegas Sands Team Members.  Through Sands Academy, Team Members are offered an array of classes to help them elevate themselves in the workplace, as well as in their personal lives.  Sands Academy is designed as an internal platform that aligns training and development initiatives to the needs of Team Members and the company’s business objectives, fostering a sense of shared purpose and preparing everyone for successful careers at LVS.  Sands Academy aims to enrich both personal and professional development for its Team Members.

“This is an excellent class for Team Members,” Jeremy Lutzke, Resort Services Assistant Director said.  “These are everyday issues that we need to be reminded of.”

The financial workshop included setting financial goals, starting and maintaining budgets, creating an emergency fund, managing debt and credit, and financial planning for the future.  Bank of America emphasized learning financial fundamentals and habits that help people stay on track with their goals and move closer to their life goals.

“The Financial Wellness series with Bank of America provides Team Members with some helpful tools and resources to enable them to better manage debt and plan for their future.  They can also receive guidance from a financial advisor free of charge,” said Ian Thompson, Director of talent Management and Development for The Venetian and The Palazzo.  “Help with finances, lowering stress, and better planning for the future lets our Team Members know that the company cares about them.”