News | December 18, 2018

Sands Academy Holds Graduation for Emerge Graduates in Las Vegas

Sands Academy concluded its Emerge Series in December with an official graduation for its 30 graduates. Emerge is Sands Academy’s program designed to introduce high-potenetial non-supervisory Team Members to the various theories and practices of leadership, personal growth and career development. The immersive 10-week course was designed to give Team Members the opportunity to grow personally, professionally, discover leadership potentials, and pave the way for future leadership roles within the company.

Sands Academy Holds Graduation for Emerge Graduates in Las Vegas

“Where I started, I didn’t where I was heading,” said Ian Balido, newly promoted Housekeeping Manager. “In the middle of the program, we were asked to map out what career we wanted and all signs were pointing to housekeeping. I was the VIP Services coordinator at the time and had always had an interest in housekeeping. After our goal mapping, I went back to work and my director called me in and said that the housekeeping position had opened and I applied and I got it. Without that exercise that day, I wouldn’t have been so willing to apply for that position.”

Sands Academy Holds Graduation for Emerge Graduates in Las Vegas 1

The goals of the program were to recognize and retain high-potential talent within the company, immerse the talent into the company’s leadership culture, and motivate and help them develop quality career goals. A total of 100 Team Members were nominated to take part in Emerge by their department supervisors. The selection process began in August 2018 where managers nominated their selected Team Member and by October, the highest rated Team Members were invited to participate in the course. The program consisted of one full day session, followed by nine weeks of half-day sessions during working hours.

“This company has made me grow so much,” Balido said. “They allow you to do great things and never hold you down. The company has been amazing to me. They love what you do and push you to learn more. The classes are free and provide so much for Team Members to advance. I would love for everyone to be nominated and go through Emerge. It allowed me to find my compass and my managers guided me there.”

Sands Academy Holds Graduation for Emerge Graduates in Las Vegas 2

Las Vegas Sands has strongly supported Team Member enrichment through Sands Academy in Las Vegas as well as other programs in Singapore and Macao. The company is committed to helping Team Members thrive in the hospitality industry by providing educational partnerships, grants, support programs and development training to help shape the future of the industry.