News | June 20, 2017

Sands Academy Introduces Elevate Series for Managers and Supervisors

In conjunction with the Learning and Development courses offered to all Team Members, Sands Academy has established the Elevate Series. The series focuses on providing the tools for leaders to set the example for their Team Members and building relationships to ensure success within their teams. The Elevate Series offers four classes that are mandatory for all Supervisors and Managers with one that is mandatory for all Directors to offer support in various areas.

“We started Elevate in March 2017 in response to the Great Serenade survey,” Ian Thompson, Director, Talent and Organizational Development, said. “It is aimed at upskilling our managers and supervisors in the areas of coaching, feedback, and building trust within their teams. It will be a permanent part of Sands Academy’s curriculum moving forward.”

The Great Serenade is an annual Team Member survey for all Las Vegas Team Members. The survey is used to determine the level of Team Member engagement and consists of 39 questions. With results from the survey, the Elevate Series was created and consists of a total of 13 classes covering development of self, development of others and development of business. To receive an Elevate Certification, Team Members must attend two workshops form the Development of Self category and two workshops from the Development of Business category in addition to the mandatory classes assigned.

So far, over 1,100 Supervisors and Managers have completed 2,246 hours of training through the Elevate series. Las Vegas Sands, through Sands Academy, remains focused and committed to its Team Members worldwide. The company encourages Team Members to thrive and advance in the hospitality industry by providing a range of educational programs that will shape the industry. Las Vegas Sands also provides an outstanding working environment, extensive training and opportunities to advance.