News | October 3, 2016

Sands Bethlehem Builds 10,000 Hygiene Kits

200 volunteers. Eight hours. Thousands of lives changed. On Saturday September 17, Sands Bethlehem and Clean the World partnered together for their Second Annual Hygiene Kit Build for organizations in the Lehigh Valley.

Sands Bethlehem team members, as well as their friends and family members assembled a total of 10,000 kits one-by-one.

“It was a non-stop effort, but so incredibly worth it,” said Gina Grellet, volunteer and Charter Reservationist at Sands Bethlehem. “There was music, food and contests throughout, so it really pumped everyone up.”

Each kit contained soap, a washcloth, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a razor, toothpaste and a toothbrush. The soap was recycled and sterilized through Clean the World’s soap sterilization and re-manufacturing process.

“Sands Bethlehem’s Housekeeping Team deserves an award,” said Susan Stachowski, Community Relations Coordinator at Sands Bethlehem and Clean the World Event Coordinator. “It’s a tedious task collecting soap from our hotel rooms; however, they know how impactful their efforts are.”

Local shelters and soup kitchens will received the kits directly.

“At times we take for granted basic human necessities- like a hot shower,” said Stachowski. “You don’t realize how important these things are until you’re left without them.”

Sands Bethlehem Builds 10,000 Hygiene Kits