News | March 28, 2018

Sands Cares Hero of the Year: Dana Beatty

In honor of the 2nd annual Sheldon G. and Dr. Miriam Adelson Citizenship Award, presented by Sands Cares, we are featuring our 12 Sands Cares Heroes, finalists for the Adelson Citizenship Award.  Las Vegas Sands established the award to recognize Team Members across all of our regions who have demonstrated a dedication to giving back to local communities and important causes.  The award was created to honor the Adelson family’s long-term commitment to philanthropy and the legacy of giving that they have instilled in the company.  The winner will be announced Wednesday, April 25.

Here are a few words from Dana Beatty of The Venetian and The Palazzo on what Sands Cares and volunteering means to her:

In the past year, I have dedicated my time to PAWS (Providing Animals with Support), transporting animals from St. George, Utah to Las Vegas, volunteering at the animal shelter, training and educating potential adopters and new volunteers.  I also foster cats in my home that need medical care or socialization and collect donations for our thrift shop and drive the donations up to Utah.  We have about four fundraising events a year including Trees of Hope.

My first Sands Cares volunteer experience was with Healing Gardens at Shade Tree. I coordinated an all-female horticulture team to go out and work with the residents of Shade Tree, their anonymity was critical and their trust of men was delicate, so I felt it would be more comforting to have an all-female team to clear out the old plant material and debris and talk with the residents about a future in horticulture.  It was a successful and very rewarding event. For two years I would follow up with Shade Tree to see if they needed anything else. I was very impressed with Noah’s House, where I frequently drop off donations to them for the care of the animals living there, as this program really hits home. I have a dear friend that stayed in a volatile marriage for fear of having to leave her dogs. Noah’s House allows the residents to leave their situation and bring their pets with them.  I would walk through Noah’s House and see the residents laying on the floor with their pets, getting and giving comfort is heartwarming and breaking at the same time.

I feel Sands Cares impact has been twofold. The people that benefit from the many efforts of Sands Cares and it is very broad reaching, but I feel stronger that our community gives us such pride.  We seem as if we don’t have boundaries.  We give, donate and help develop so many different causes. I don’t know of any other corporation that has that level of interest and compassion.  My fellow Team Members and I are a part of my community, and Sands Cares involvement in the community reaches everyone.  It gives us all great pride to know we work for a company that truly cares for its community and helps it thrive.

I have worked for the Adelsons for 14 years, before Sands Cares was created, I saw their spirit before it was truly recognized. Their level of philanthropy was always to be admired and mirrored.  I can’t think of anyone better to use as the inspiration for Sands Cares.  We all have a reason to be passionate about a cause.  We need to support our community.  These are our people – homeless, homeless youth, veterans, victims of domestic violence.  By supporting these causes, it promotes awareness in all of us. We might not be able to participate for a scheduled event but we can always go back and donate time on our own.  Just give two hours a week!  The rewards you will receive from that two hours I promise will be more rewarding than binge-watching a show or playing a game.  I am so proud to be a part of a company that invests in our community, seeks out groups that need our help, and recognizes the Team Members who follow the spirit of giving.