News November 04, 2016
Sands China Care Ambassadors Learn About the Hearing Impaired

Sands China Care Ambassadors spent time this summer at The Venetian Macao learning about what life is like for the hearing impaired at an event jointly organized by Sands China Ltd. and the Macau Deaf Association (MDA).  At two silent afternoon teas, the Ambassadors enhanced their understanding of the barriers caused by hearing loss, increased their knowledge of deafness, and learned about communication with the deaf.

“I am very happy that this event has given the Sands China Care Ambassadors an opportunity to work together with MDA to promote social inclusion,” Nerissa Lau, Director of the Macau Deaf Association, said.  “I am grateful for Sands China’s support of this first-ever experience of its kind in Macao produced by the Macau Deaf Association.”

A total of 100 Ambassadors participated in the silent afternoon teas and among the event’s activities, participants put on soundproof headphones and teamed up to help each other order food without speaking in a mock-restaurant scenario to see if their waiter could understand what they needed. They shared their feelings of participating in the experience and MDA members shared experiences from their lives as deaf members of society.  The event was aimed at enriching the Care Ambassador’s experiences and enhancing their understanding of people with disabilities and helping them better understand the community’s needs.  Last July, a group of Care Ambassadors also participated in a sign language workshop with the Macau Deaf Association at The Venetian Macao’s Adelson Advanced Education Centre and at MDA’s Service Centre for the Deaf.