News | June 12, 2018

Sustainable Restaurants in Asia

Las Vegas Sands properties worldwide are focusing on sustainable food and dining with the help of Sands ECO360, its global sustainability program. The company continues to find ways to reduce its environmental footprint in several aspects of operations through recycling, water and energy conservation, and now, locally sourcing its food products. With food and beverage as a major component at all Integrated Resorts, restaurants at Marina Bay Sands and Sands Macao have adopted sustainability into their menus, décor, and more.

In April, Sands Resorts Macao introduced “Sands Dining Sensations – Spring Organic Delights,” a promotional menu that focuses on healthier options. The new organic menu features dishes with seasonal vegetables that are sourced from organic farms in China. The items have higher levels of vitamins and minerals and organic vegetables that have been produced using recycling methods and promote ecological balance and sustainability. The spring menu will run through the end of June.

Marina Bay Sands announced its partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its commitment to seafood and ocean conservation . Rise Restaurant consistently prioritizes partnerships and procurements with sustainable suppliers, including Barramundi Singapore. This leading local aquaculture farm is certified by the “Good Aquaculture Practices” (GAP) for fish farming and provides barramundi for the restaurant’s dish, the Baked Salt Crust Sustainable Barramundi. The restaurant has an outdoor herb garden, growing more than 50 herbs, that is used in dishes and beverages.

Rise’s recent revamp included environmentally-friendly practices hitting almost every aspect of operations. The restaurant uses recycled or sustainable materials in its table settings from placemats to herb trimmings, which can also be used as table centerpieces—ensuring nothing goes to waste. Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands has also taken on sustainable measures by using paper bags made with recycled paper, using FSC sourced paper for all printed materials including menus and coasters, and recycling glass bottles, plastic, and paper.

Both restaurants take on water-saving practices to align with correct water usage practices. Rise’s kitchen is fitted with pedal-operated faucets for Team Members to wash their hands and cutlery without having to leave the tap running. Rise also believes in going boil-free, and instead of using water in a pot to cook boiled foods such as eggs and vegetables, the restaurant relies on a conventional oven that has the settings to do the job.

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