News | March 13, 2017

We Give Back As A Team: Cards For Hope By The Marina Bay Sands Sales Team

3 women holding art

Executive Director of Sales, Ailynn Seah, participated in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) recycling project organized by SCRAP at a Green Meeting Industry Council event two years ago in San Francisco. SCRAP, a non-profit creative reuse center, breathes new life into pre-loved or old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of useful materials from landfills annually. These services are provided to the local community and the center also offers classes, workshops and volunteering opportunities.

Moved by the experience, she came home hoping to start something similar in Singapore.

“I was really impressed with the number of items such as old buttons, ribbons, and greeting cards could be recycled and transformed into beautiful art,” Seah said. “Something just clicked in my heart that I, too, would want to start a project like this someday.”

The opportunity came sooner than expected. As an active volunteer at the National Cancer Centre (NCC) for many years, Seah often makes hospital rounds to visit patients undergoing treatment. These patients are often low in spirits and discouraged as treatments can be debilitating. Inspired by her experience with SCRAP, she decided start a card-making project using recycled materials to encourage these cancer patients. Many members of her sales team as well as NCC volunteers came on board to assist with creating thoughtful mementos by recycling old calendars, cards, and magazines. Cards for Hope kicked off in 2015 and volunteers have since made more than 300 pieces. Not only do NCC patients receive the cards regularly, other cancer sufferers also get them courtesy of NCC volunteers. Each handmade card is accompanied by a sticker telling recipients which volunteer made them.

“It is great that we are able to recycle materials in line with Marina Bay Sands’ sustainability efforts,”Seah said. “What’s more as a team, we are giving back to our community together by creating hope for cancer patients! Some of our Team Members have even made this a family affair.”

Las Vegas Sands is committed to making our communities better places to live through volunteerism, promoting a strong quality of life.