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    Ensuring Regional Resilience

    We work closely with our communities to create a thriving local environment by helping solve social problems and address disaster situations.

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    Developing the Local Hospitality Industry

    We assist our communities in creating a flourishing regional hospitality industry through support for education at all levels, as well as programs that empower a strong and diverse workforce.

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    Preserving Local Culture and Identity

    We invest in preserving, enhancing and promoting our local regions' landmarks, assets and attractions to perpetuate its unique heritage and attract tourism to the area.

Regional Resilience
Sands Cares Accelerator member kick-off event
Solving Problems

We strive to make our communities better places to live, work and visit by addressing our regions' most pressing issues. More than just philanthropy, Sands Cares serves as a committed catalyst for engaging with the community to build programs that solve problems. One example is our Sands Cares Accelerator program.

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Shelter, Food and Services

We provide vital support to underserved populations in our local communities. Priorities include addressing youth homelessness in Las Vegas, while our Asian regions have been significant supporters of elderly and financially vulnerable populations. In addition, all properties place emphasis on supporting food relief organizations. 

Sands Cares Global Hygiene Kit Build with Clean the World
Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Sands Cares helps ensure our communities can adequately manage disasters before, during and after they occur. We have established several regional partnerships to address disaster situations, and annually host a global Team Member kit build with Clean the World, which provides thousands of hygiene kits for people impacted by disasters and other hardships. 

Hospitality Development
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Propelling Regional Tourism

We help promote regional tourism by creating a thriving local workforce that can support the region's hospitality industry. Our priorities are to advance education at all levels, from K-12 through higher education, along with other efforts that empower a strong, diverse local workforce.

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Each of our local regions supports educational initiatives that are priorities in their local communities, and all regions have partnerships at the university level to support higher education programs in hospitality and gaming to prepare tomorrow's industry leaders.

Image of a staff member at Opportunity Village
Workforce Empowerment

We work to empower a strong and diverse workforce capable of fully capitalizing on the opportunities we are creating in our local regions. Primary goals are to ensure opportunities for all people, including investments in programs that develop job skills for people with disabilities and provide resources to diverse populations. 

Local Culture and Identity
Image of local architecture in Macao
Preserving Cultural and Natural Heritage

We support our regions' distinctive culture, traditions and celebrations with engagement in a variety of events and attractions. As one of Macao's most dedicated companies, we have invested significantly in celebrating regional milestones, most recently the 20th anniversary of the Macao Special Administrative Region's founding.

Image of the Sands for Singapore Play it Forward event
Sands for Singapore

Marina Bay Sands annually hosts the massive Sands for Singapore Charity Festival, a weeklong community initiative featuring 15 distinct outreach efforts as a community cultural celebration that raises millions for local charities.

Image of Sands for Singapore Team Members volunteering
Team Members in Action

A spirit of volunteerism is woven through the fabric of our company, with Team Members contributing thousands of volunteer hours each year. From food drives to painting houses, our Team Members tackle every project or program with dedication and pride.  

Sands Cares Heroes of the Year at the annual Adelson Citizenship Awards
The Adelson Awards

Sands Cares annually recognizes Team Members who demonstrate dedication to their local communities through the Sheldon G. and Dr. Miriam Adelson Citizenship Awards. Our Sands Cares Heroes of the Year are recognized for their outstanding volunteer work through Sands Cares, as well as their personal charities and causes.

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Awards and Recognition
Las Vegas
<p>2019 Nevada Homeless Alliance Project Homeless Connect Corporate Sponsor of the Year</p>
Sands China
<p>Association of Volunteers Social Service Macao 2019 Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Award&nbsp;</p>
Marina Bay Sands
<p>2019 Certificate of Recognition from AmCham CARES</p> <p>2019 Enabling Employers Awards (EEA) Progressive Employer Award</p> <p>Community Chest 2019 Charity Gold Award</p> <p>Global CSR Summit and Awards, 2019 Best Country Award for</p> <p>Overall CSR Excellence in Singapore</p> <p>National Arts Council 2019 Patron of the Arts Award</p>

Sands Cares in Action