The Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability program reflects our vision to become a leader in sustainable development and resort operations. We developed and refined our strategy around the four pillars below by identifying areas with the greatest environmental impact and opportunity.


Our four pillars


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Environmental Management System

An environmental management system framework provides a means to identify the impacts of our operations, establish priorities, set performance goals, initiate projects, and continuously monitor and improve the Sands ECO360 program.


Aspirational and attainable

Resetting our goals

For us, a goal isn’t simply a box to be checked; it’s an objective worth achieving and exceeding. We surpassed nearly all our targets during our initial reporting cycle. Now we have set our sights on new challenges as we align our strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We've also set ambitious science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets, and are the first Integrated Resort company to have them approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.


Ready, set, go

Retrofitting for efficiency

From Green Buildings to Green Meetings, we seek to optimize our performance. We’ve created several tools to help us implement sustainability projects: we manage energy and water conservation through the EcoTracker platform, while the Top 10 Action Plan prioritizes our other initiatives. Property-level sustainability teams are instrumental in developing solutions, encouraging action, and building awareness.


Staying on track

Reviewing our progress

Our Sands ECO360 strategy focuses on the impacts that are most material to our business, balancing short-term targets and long-term aims. We measure and manage our environmental performance by recording and analyzing utility data to improve our operations. To maintain transparency and accountability, we issue annual reports to share our results. Our commitment to sustainability is validated through third-party disclosure frameworks, such as CDP and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).


The way forward

Reframing our strategy

The Sands ECO360 strategy guides our sustainability efforts. In 2016, in response to stakeholder feedback and changing expectations, we updated the program. We are expanding our Green Meetings pillar to include events, offering additional environmentally conscious options in other venues such as the ArtScience Museum, theaters, and arena functions. Greater emphasis has also been placed on wellness-focused amenities, allowing guests to maintain their active lifestyles while traveling.


The Sands ECO360 strategy is integrated across the entire business and given prominence at the highest levels of governance. The Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, who is also a board member, has overall responsibility for Sands ECO360. The Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer leads the Global Sustainability Department, which develops and implements the strategy.

Property sustainability departments execute the sustainability strategy and identify future opportunities. Established Green Teams champion sustainability programs in various departments such as Facilities, Hotel Operations, Food and Beverage, Casino Operations, Purchasing, Sales, Convention and Catering Services, and Human Resources.


Our stakeholders

Today people say “partnership is the new leadership” and we believe collective action is essential for the transformation of our Sands ECO360 program. Expertise, knowledge, and passion of many different stakeholder groups contribute to identifying key material issues and thus help shape our approach to sustainability. Such feedback is a valuable first step in finding lasting successful sustainable solutions.


Our key issues

Our strategy is based on the environmental issues and opportunities identified as being of most importance to our business, our stakeholders and society. We monitor and evaluate subjects pertaining to our Sands ECO360 strategy through regular interaction with internal and external stakeholders across our business globally.

Our key issues

Our strategic journey

Sands ECO360: Our achievements at a glance

From the establishment of the Sands ECO360 program, we have worked to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We have not only built better, greener buildings, but also raised the standards for the resorts we already operate.

Resource conservation and recycling have been integrated into our daily work. Sands ECO360 has allowed us to offer better sustainable meeting services, and enabled us to contribute more to the communities around us. With our strategy as our compass, we have made real progress on a global scale.

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  • 2016
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  • Integrated LEED1 Green Building standards into the development of The Palazzo Las Vegas.
1 The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® green building program is the preeminent program for the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of high-performance green buildings. Learn more at usgbc.org/LEED.


  • Launched Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability program.
  • Initiated energy reduction efforts in Las Vegas to improve operational efficiency and achieved LEED Gold® for Existing Buildings certification for The Venetian and Sands Expo in Las Vegas (the largest hotel in the world to receive this certification).


  • Revised the Sands ECO360 strategy to focus on four pillars, and developed Sands ECO360 Roadmap and reporting systems (ECO Tracker and Action Plan).
  • Set five-year sustainability goals.
  • Launched Clean the World amenities recycling partnership in Las Vegas.
  • Started energy reduction efforts at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, and Sands China Ltd., Macao.
  • Launched Sands ECO360 Green Meetings Program.


  • Saved 32.5 million kWh through efficiency projects globally.
  • Released 2011 Sands ECO360 Report (first environmental report by a gaming company verified by GRI).
  • Upgraded Sands ECO360 Green Meetings Program.
  • Measured and verified our carbon inventory, and conducted first CDP Climate Change response.
  • Launched the first Sands Sustainable Procurement Policy.
  • Began publication of the Sands ECO360 Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Newsweek ranking jumped to #128 from #238 in the U.S.


  • Launched the Sands ECO360 Sustainable Development Standards.
  • Saved 47.3 million kWh through efficiency projects globally. 
  • Sponsored Clean the World to set up a recycling facility for Macao and Hong Kong.
  • Achieved CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI).


  • Saved 112.5 million kWh through efficiency projects globally.
  • Integrated sustainability into new developments: The St. Regis and The Parisian in Macao.
  • Implemented an energy dashboard to streamline energy tracking, reporting, and management.
  • Newsweek Green Rankings – 18th in the U.S. and 28th globally.


  • Incorporated sustainability into remodel and renovation projects.
  • Developed three-year plan for water and energy conservation projects at all properties and identified promising new technologies.
  • Saved 54.9 million kWh through global efficiency projects.
  • Updated green meeting strategy to focus on added value to our clients.
  • 99A ranking in CDP, achieved both disclosure (CDLI) and performance (Climate A-list) leadership indices.
  • Listed on Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) North America.
  • Developed strategic plan for 2016–2020.


  • Updated Sands ECO360 strategy.
  • Set company 2020 targets aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and science-based targets methodology.
  • Opened The Parisian Macao, which is also the company's most sustainable development to date.
  • Completed 84 energy efficiency projects, conserving 31 million kWh of electricity.
  • Hosted Asia's first zero waste to landfill event at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.
  • Recognized as leader by CDP's A list and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) North America.


  • Team Members contributed 265,156 Sands ECO360 actions and we are halfway towards the 1 million Sands ECO360 actions target by 2020.
  • Completed 65 energy efficiency projects, conserving more than 30 million kWh of electricity.
  • Held annual Sands Supplier Excellence Awards to recognize the outstanding service of suppliers from around the world. The event dinners at all properties were hosted sustainably.
  • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore launched a monumental partnership with WWF to procure 50% of its annual seafood spend from responsible sources by 2020, support four fish farms in Malaysia, and offer a Responsible Harvest Menu during Green Meetings.
  • Team Members turned in 123,000 empty plates to support the global Clean Plate Challenge and minimize food waste.
  • Recognized as leader by CDP's Climate A List.