Stakeholder engagement


Working in unison with our stakeholders, we can really make a meaningful difference – multiplying our positive impacts both now and into the future.


Team Member collaboration

Team Members are truly our greatest assets and we strive to develop appreciation for the planet's finite resources through environmental campaigns and education events. Sustainability champions are crowned at all levels of our organization to help us integrate Sands ECO360 initiatives into the daily operations.


Sustainability challenges are often interwoven and multifaceted in nature. Diverse partnerships among various organizations and stakeholders can produce previously unimagined solutions. Our strategic partnerships, formulated on shared values and objectives, are aimed at creating transformational change in the regions and locales in which we operate.

Certifications and reporting

Measuring and communicating progress on key sustainability indicators is paramount. For five years we have published an annual Sands ECO360 report, highlighting our progress and the areas where we’re working hard to improve. Our reports focus on the most relevant issues to our business and stakeholders, and show how we address our material challenges. Our commitment to sustainability is continually recognized through certifications, rankings, and awards. Performance reviews by sustainability research and rating agencies help us improve our strategy and policies.

Awards and recognition

One million actions by 2020

Participation is a great means for education. We want our Team Members to play a significant and tangible role in our sustainability journey. We have more than 50,000 Team Members worldwide, each with their own story and background. By coming together, we can do our part to help out each other and the planet.


Nature storytelling on screen

Team Members were invited to an exclusive preview of environmental films about ocean health, Jane Goodall’s primatology research, and planet-friendly protein sources at this year’s Singapore Eco Film Festival. More than 370 Team Members attended the festival, where they also snacked on plant-based sliders and responsibly sourced foods.

Growing gardens for good

The Venetian Resort ramped up its partnership with Green Our Planet by gathering Team Members and volunteers to build 12 vegetable gardens for local schools across the Las Vegas Valley. The gardens will support hands-on environmental education for grades K–8.

E-waste recycling drive

Electronic waste (e-waste) such as common household appliances, mobile phones, and IT devices can be disassembled and recycled to help keep valuable resources out of landfill. More than 3,000 Team Members donated their personal e-waste during a recycling drive and attended workshops where they learned about the e-waste recovery process.

Energy Savings Road Show

During Climate Week our Team Members can attend the Energy Savings Road Show, where they have the opportunity to swap out their incandescent bulbs for ultra-efficient LEDs and learn about energy efficiency practices. About 2,500 light bulbs were changed out during the event!

Kit builds to clean the world

Each year we assemble around 100,000 hygiene kits using repurposed amenities from hotel rooms to help improve the health and well-being of populations in need and reduce waste sent to landfill.

Global Earth Hour celebrations

Our Team Members swap out their incandescent bulbs for LEDs, test their knowledge via sustainability quizzes, walk around Marina Bay to benefit local charities, and switch off their lights at home in celebration of WWF’s global initiative, Earth Hour.

Clean plates aplenty

We host a Clean Plate Challenge annually to raise awareness on both food waste issues and hunger. During this year’s event, Team Members turned in almost 130,000 empty plates!