Las Vegas Sands Corp. is committed to being a valuable collaborator, both for the businesses we work with and the communities where we operate. Throughout our company’s history, we have driven positive, game-changing economic impact in the regions we serve, creating jobs and opportunity. As part of our corporate values, we continually strive to patronize local and diverse businesses whenever possible to meet our business and procurement needs. Integrity and fairness throughout the entire procurement process is of utmost importance including adherence to LVSC’s policies, including the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Policy.

In addition to supporting local and diverse business sectors, we work diligently to remain the preeminent sustainable resort development corporation in the world, following our Sands ECO360° Global Sustainability strategy. We encourage our suppliers to work alongside us in this endeavor, and look to all suppliers who wish to do business with us to meet all governmental standards, pass background inspections, and comply with the Las Vegas Sands’ Supplier Code of Conduct. Additionally, we expect all our suppliers to in turn hold their own suppliers to these standards.

Contact Information

To reach our procurement team, please contact us at the following email addresses:

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