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Our Communities Initiatives 4

Our Communities Initiatives

We work to keep our regions strong by establishing initiatives and investments in the areas where Sands can have the greatest impact on our communities' health.

Our Communities Initiatives 4

Our Work

Our Communities Initiatives 1

Our Sands Cares work prioritizes five key issues that are uniform around the globe, yet we are flexible to address and respond to unique challenges and opportunities in our local communities. One of the guiding principles we use in all of our engagements is to promote diversity and create inclusiveness by actively supporting under-represented groups and working to remove systemic barriers to opportunity and advancement.

Hardship Relief

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We work with our local communities to address access to basic human needs, such as housing and food, and provide vital support services to people in need. While our focus on providing hardship relief is global, each region has identified specific priorities in their local communities.

In the United States, Sands has become one of Southern Nevada’s most prominent advocates for addressing homelessness, and in particular, youth homelessness – where incidence rates are among the highest in the country.


Our Communities Initiatives

Around the globe, food security has been a priority with the dual purpose of improving sustainability in our daily operations, while supporting vulnerable members of our communities by donating surplus food from our properties’ meeting and convention business.

Another hallmark of our global Sands Cares initiatives is to help our communities provide social support services to empower disadvantaged populations to overcome barriers and address challenges. Groups supported globally include the elderly, veterans, developmentally disabled people, and children from underprivileged households or with special needs.

Local Business and Partner Development

Our Communities Initiatives 3

Beyond our scope as a major business generator and philanthropic funder, we focus on building partnerships that help propel local and diverse businesses, small and medium enterprises, and nonprofits to succeed. Our capacity-building initiatives combine the resources and expertise of a Fortune 500 company with platforms for the growth and development of our partners, in line with our dedication to delivering lasting impact in our regions.

From hosting business development expos and providing training opportunities to helping advance rising nonprofit organizations through our Sands Cares Accelerator, we invest in strengthening the organizations that make our communities great places to live, work and visit.

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Cultural and Natural Heritage

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Building a thriving tourism industry in our communities is incumbent on promoting the rich cultural heritage and unique identity of our local regions. We help by supporting efforts to preserve local treasures and celebrating them on a global stage. From showcasing cultural and artistic attractions on our properties and in our communities to creating programs that focus on ecological conservation, we are a committed partner in upholding what makes our regions great places to live, work and visit.

Disaster Response and Preparedness

Our Communities Initiatives 5

One of our primary strategies for building regional resilience is to help ensure our communities are equipped to respond to crises and that they have the resources they need when disasters occur.

In the response to the global pandemic over the past few years, we have invested more than $3 million and created elaborate response programs in each of our communities. Efforts have included food, personal protective equipment and other in-kind donations; hosting, servicing and volunteering for testing, vaccination and quarantine programs; and supporting our nonprofit partners’ initiatives to help our communities’ uniquely meet their individual challenges associated with COVID-19.

Our Communities Initiatives 7

Beyond crisis response, Sands invests in helping communities build the infrastructure needed to be ready when challenges arise. One of our signature Sands Cares events is the annual global hygiene kit build with Clean the World, in which our Team Members build thousands of hygiene kits for people facing disasters or personal crises. In addition, we have invested resources to support building emergency response infrastructure in Asia, enabling quick and effective action from the hub established by Americares in the Philippines.


Our Communities Initiatives 6

We work to advance educational opportunities for students, people with special needs and underrepresented groups who face barriers to learning. Our core belief is that a strong educational system creates an effective workforce of the future, which positively impacts the economic and social health of our communities. Our educational initiatives include supporting mentorship and skills development programs, ensuring access to educational resources and helping build or improve academic infrastructure and educational platforms to foster success. 


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