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Proposed Developments

As the world’s most valuable integrated resort company, we continually explore opportunities for expansion into new geographies where our large-scale, multifaceted hospitality and entertainment attractions can elevate the region’s economic and tourism potential.

New Developments

New York

New Developments 3

We are actively pursuing a multi-billion flagship hospitality, entertainment and gaming development on Long Island, New York, with the release of the New York State Gaming Commission’s Request for Application for three downstate New York gaming licenses.

Like the other iconic resorts in our portfolio, the Long Island, New York, destination is being designed to attract millions of tourists annually, while enhancing the local community with new attractions, jobs and business opportunities.

Plans for a resort include multi-use outdoor spaces, experiential events, meeting and convention facilities, luxury hotel rooms, a world-class live performance venue, high-quality gaming, celebrity chef and globally recognized restaurants, the renowned Canyon Ranch spa and fitness center, and more.

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Economic Impact

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Our track record of delivering significant economic benefits to our communities is multilayered, but a singular focus drives every development: building transformative tourism destinations that attract millions of visitors annually and deliver benefits that reverberate exponentially to lift our regions.

Our resorts generate thousands of jobs with long-term career tracks in service and professional positions that provide solid pathways to prosperity.

They help catalyze the success of local businesses, whether they’re supplying products and services to our resorts or reaping the financial impact of accelerated tourism.

And they generate millions of dollars in annual tax revenue that fuels a high-quality environment in which to live, work and visit.

Learn more about Sands' proposed development in New York

Workforce Development

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We are committed to fostering advancement and opportunity for the people who work with and for Sands, as well as the hospitality industry in our regions. Our comprehensive workforce development initiatives span investments in:

  • Team Member job skills training, professional development and wellness activities
  • Resources, programs and tools to nurture our suppliers’ capabilities to increase business
  • Support for educational programs to help people in the hospitality industry and local workforce better compete for jobs and build careers

When we identify a community in which we’d like to establish a resort destination, we don’t wait to get involved.

From hosting procurement academies that sharpen the skills of local businesses to partnering with regional educational institutions, we invest in workforce development programs at the outset of the planning process to kick off our commitment to the community.

Learn more about Sands' proposed development in New York

Community Commitment

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Deeply supporting and investing in our communities is culturally ingrained in our company, and another effort we begin upon targeting a region for development.

The Sands Cares community engagement program drives these efforts. We target the unique and specific needs of the community, within the core issues supported through Sands Cares.

We have already begun investing in the Long Island and Greater New York communities in some focus areas and plan to fully implement programs in all areas as development progresses to support our global priorities.

These include:

  • Hardship relief to address food security, homelessness and the needs of disadvantaged populations
  • Local business and nonprofit partner development via platforms and programs that accelerate capabilities for success and, in turn, build thriving communities
  • Cultural and natural heritage to perpetuate the region’s unique identity and preserve its natural environment
  • Disaster response and preparedness to contribute critical relief in times of crisis and resources for readiness efforts
  • Education to build the workforce of the future through mentorship and skills development, scholastic resources and academic infrastructure support

Guided by the global Sands Cares program, we entrench in our communities to solve pressing issues, create resiliency and maximize their inherent strengths.

Learn more about Sands' proposed development in New York
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