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Our People Initiatives 3

Our People Initiatives

We focus on ensuring a thriving Team Member culture, advancing the success of our extensive supplier network and local business partners, and maintaining a trusted relationship with the guests who visit our properties.

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Our Work

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We have identified a set of priority issues most important to our Team Members, guests, suppliers and partners. Our guiding principles are to maintain high ethical standards, create opportunities for personal and business fulfillment, and promote the overall health and well-being of our people.

Workforce Development

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Empowering people to reach their greatest potential is a value held at the highest levels of our company and a commitment we make to our regions. Our culture of excellence empowers Team Members to achieve their career goals, and we strive to promote a thriving hospitality industry and business environment by helping our suppliers, local businesses and the local labor pool build their capabilities through professional development programs.

We aim to create a strong local workforce by facilitating forward progress, increasing earning power, and supporting career and business success through initiatives such as:

  • The Sands Academy global training and development program and other Team Member advancement programs
  • Supplier and partner development programs such as the Sands China F.I.T. (financial support, invitational matching, and training and development) program, the Sands China Procurement Academy and the Sands China Retail Academy
  • Hospitality education and job skills training

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our People Initiatives 4

Sands is committed to ensuring an inclusive, integrated and collaborative environment with deep appreciation and respect for the diverse backgrounds of our Team Members, guests and business partners. We believe a culture that celebrates diverse perspectives and promotes inclusiveness for all is propelled to success by the strength of the whole and inspires our positive impact around the world.

Our approach spans:

  • Human Resources and Talent Management: We foster an environment in which every Team Member can fully realize their potential.
  • Supplier Diversity and Inclusion: We enhance opportunities and strengthen relationships with small, HUBZone, local and diverse businesses.
  • Community Investment: We empower causes and organizations that help underrepresented groups overcome barriers.
  • Corporate Governance: We provide the structure and guiding principles to achieve our desired outcomes.
  • Benchmarking and Communications: We ensure transparency and accountability by clearly communicating values and progress.

Health, Safety and Well-Being

Our People Initiatives 5

Our initiatives encompass a full spectrum of activities to protect health and promote wellness. From maintaining stringent standards and protocols that ensure public health and safety to providing education and services that work toward physical, mental and social well-being, we are dedicated to ensuring an environment of excellence when it comes to the welfare of our Team Members, guests and partners.

Highlights of our work include:

  • Extensive health and safety practices and initiatives related to COVID-19
  • Mental, physical and social wellness initiatives and educational programs
  • Food safety and hygiene awareness programs
  • Occupational Health and Safety wardens to ensure objectives are met

Human Rights

Our People Initiatives 1

We are firmly committed to protecting fundamental rights and freedoms for all people and fully integrate human rights protection into all facets of our business. Our stringent processes and rigid standards uphold our zero-tolerance policy for human rights violations, especially in the areas of discrimination and harassment and human trafficking prevention, for which we have extensive policies and programs. Our efforts span our own business and protection of our Team Members and guests, as well as extend to our suppliers and business partners, who must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Responsible Gaming and Financial Crime Prevention

Our People Initiatives 2

Spearheaded by our comprehensive Sands Project Protect program, we aim to lead the industry in going beyond government regulations to safeguard our guests and communities.

Responsible Gaming

Developed with leading industry experts, our responsible gaming program works to reduce problem gambling risk by helping our guests make informed choices. We strive to reach patrons before problems develop through Team Member training, 24/7 ambassador assistance, self-limit options, guest resources and educational partnerships.

Financial Crime Safeguards

We invest significantly in policies and procedures to prevent illegal financial activity. Our extensive program spans customer screenings and due diligence, transactional controls, Team Member training, and reporting and recordkeeping to safeguard our properties and communities from criminal behavior.


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