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Our Planet Initiatives 3

Our Planet Initiatives

Sands’ dedication to preserving our planet’s natural resources is not only a promise – it’s an area of consistent leadership in the hospitality industry.

Our Planet Initiatives 3

Our Work

Our Planet Initiatives 4

The Sands ECO360 global sustainability program guides our environmental strategy across five key areas of focus. We invest significantly in driving efficiencies, improvements and scalable solutions in the areas where we can make strong impact.

Low-Carbon Transition

Our Planet Initiatives 1

Creating a sustainable future is contingent on businesses, governments and stakeholders aligning around the transition to low-carbon solutions. Guided by our science-based targets, we have focused our low-carbon transition strategy on reducing climate impact through energy efficiency, renewable energy and transportation. Key strategies include purchasing renewable energy certificates and offsetting hard-to-decarbonize sources, such as guest shuttle buses and ferry operations.

Water Stewardship

Our Planet Initiatives 7

Our water conservation and water stewardship initiatives are aligned with United Nations SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. Beyond the robust processes we employ on our properties, Sands also addresses water issues in our regions through a unique initiative that repurposes savings from our water conservation projects into proactive community water initiatives. Working with our long-time partner Clean the World on The Drop by Drop Project, we reinvest our water savings in innovative water stewardship projects run by conservation organizations in Macao, Singapore and Las Vegas.

Plastic and Packaging

Our Planet Initiatives 6

Increased reliance on single-use plastic and packaging materials over the past decade presents a significant sustainability challenge and a prime opportunity for businesses to rethink their practices. We are committed to optimizing materials and resources by eliminating unnecessary forms of consumption, moving to reuse models where feasible, replacing single-use materials with renewable and sustainable alternatives, and recycling as much as possible.


Our Planet Initiatives 2

Sustainable sourcing means considering impact on both people and the planet. We procure thousands of products and services and continually expand our sustainable sourcing guidelines for products, packaging and suppliers that meet our criteria for protecting against harmful effects on human health and the environment while benefiting communities. In particular, we are focused on sustainable sourcing strategies in our food and beverage operations, building design and renovation, and ongoing resort operations.


Our Planet Initiatives

Addressing waste is an important priority for our sustainability strategy because reduction not only conserves natural resources and protects ecological systems, it also decreases climate change impact. We reduce our waste streams by consuming less when possible and reusing and recycling more in the areas of food waste, operational waste and construction waste. We have developed detailed processes and initiatives to address each of these areas.


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