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News | September 9, 2021

Accelerator Helps Art Outreach Promote Appreciation of the Arts in Singapore

image of exhibit at Art Outreach

Inspired by the entrepreneurial and philanthropic legacy of our founder, Sheldon G. Adelson, the Sands Cares Accelerator is a unique program designed to help nonprofit organizations on the cusp of foundational growth increase capacity and make organizational leaps in the delivery of their services and on their missions. Originally, the Accelerator was a US-only program, with members like Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and Green Our Planet paving the way; but the program expanded internationally in 2021, starting with inaugural Asian member Art Outreach from Singapore.

Art Outreach is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote art appreciation in Singapore through education programs for students, community workshops and public exhibitions, along with a dedicated volunteer team of art advocates who bring the organization’s message to the community at large. Since 2003, they have focused on promoting visual literacy through workshops and classes. Through the Accelerator, the organization intends to expand their efforts to meet local art ecosystem needs, and to be better prepared to provide more support to emerging visual art practitioners. With Sands’ support and the resources provided through the Accelerator, Art Outreach will be able to offer more assistance to young, upcoming artists and curators.

The Accelerator has already facilitated the launch of the HEARTH community art space program. This initiative is designed to serve as a catalyst for independent art projects led by emerging young talents. “Through HEARTH, young community artists are able to run independent projects on a scale that wasn’t previously available to them,” said Mae Anderson, Art Outreach Singapore chairman. “Not only do they get their vision out into the world, but they also learn essential business and industry skills, including project and event management, marketing and stakeholder engagement.”

HEARTH presents additional benefits to the local community, as well. Through Gillman Barracks, the art enclave that houses the program, Art Outreach is driving wider public engagement of the importance of the arts. They are also galvanizing the collector community to focus more on developing and supporting new and younger collectors, and expanding opportunities for professional engagement with the arts to aspiring graphic designers, set designers and those interested in art management and other art careers, all of which will benefit the local economy and job market.

“Through HEARTH and with Sands’ support through the Accelerator, we will be able to attract a broader network of public and private partners,” Anderson said. “This will lead to their development into a key nonprofit organization for the region, broadening their focus to engaging in research and documentation, facilitating international services and others. “As we continue to grow and achieve more success in the delivery of our mission, Art Outreach will remain aligned to the growing needs of the visual arts sector.”

Visit Art Outreach to learn more about their mission, and stay tuned to for further updates on their and other Accelerator members’ progress.