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News | April 24, 2023

Las Vegas Sands and Clean the World Foundation Provide a 2022-2023 Drop by Drop Project Grant to Conservation International Singapore

Las Vegas Sands and Clean the World Foundation, a global leader in water, sanitation, hygiene and sustainability, have announced that Conservation International Singapore has been awarded a 2022-2023 Drop by Drop Project grant to continue work centered on inspiring young changemakers to protect Singapore’s marine ecosystems. Conservation International was the recipient of a 2021-2022 Drop by Drop Project grant for a related program.

The Drop by Drop Project is a collaboration between the Clean the World Foundation and Sands to invest in innovative water stewardship projects conducted by local water champions in the company’s regions of Macao and Singapore. Managed and operated by Clean the World Foundation, the Drop by Drop Project was established in 2019 to support initiatives centered around water conservation and environmental sustainability.

Conservation International builds on a strong foundation of science and partnerships to empower societies to responsibly care for natural resources. The nonprofit’s work in Singapore focuses on educating youth about the importance of environmental sustainability and empowering them to be advocates for environmental responsibility.

With that goal, the organization is using its 2022-2023 Drop by Drop Project grant to continue conducting a five-part Ocean Conservation Virtual Learning Series, featuring educational videos, interactive activities and informational guides. The series promotes ocean conservation literacy and environmental advocacy by working with youth leaders and leveraging partnerships with schools and community groups. Originally developed through a Drop by Drop Project grant in 2021-2022, the initiative aims to develop a passion for the environment among youth who can be future changemakers in sustainability.

“Science has shown that our planet is in dire crisis,” Geraldine Chin, country director of Conservation International Singapore, said. “We need to take urgent, targeted action as an international community, and it is our hope that our youth will rise to the forefront of this challenge. We hope to bring these changemakers to the global stage and maximize their potential and impact. Together, we can create a better world for everyone and a more sustainable planet for our youth to inherit.”

Through grant funding, Conservation International also is hosting the 10 for Zero award to celebrate Singapore’s environmental youth leaders who are advocating for a future of zero waste, net zero carbon emissions and a healthy natural world. The award program will reach more than 10,000 youth and young adults between the ages of 18 and 35, with 10 creative and capable young individuals selected for recognition of their efforts to tackle environmental issues emphasizing ocean and freshwater conservation, forests and the protection of other ecosystems.

“Clean the World Foundation places women, children and families at the heart of our mission,” Manohar Shenoy, executive director of Clean the World Foundation, said. “Through the Drop by Drop Project, Conservation International Singapore has been able to educate and empower youth to take action against climate change at the national level.”

Beyond Drop by Drop Project funding, Sands is supporting Conservational International Singapore to further drive impact with its ocean advocacy program and virtual learning series. This past year, Marina Bay Sands featured the series at the ArtScience Museum as well as during its Sustainability Action Day, reaching more than 800 Team Members. The event also marked the launch of the 10 for Zero award program.

“We have continued supporting Conservation International Singapore because we recognize the importance of their efforts to educate today’s youth for the preservation of tomorrow’s future,” Katarina Tesarova, senior vice president and chief sustainability officer at Sands, said. “Their environmental advocacy work to inspire and empower young people fits squarely with our focus on creating community engagement avenues that foster collaboration to preserve the natural heritage and ecological assets of our regions.”

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Two people crouch over a wet, sandy beach. One person looks at a clipboard, while the other is pointing at the sand below.
Conservation International is inspiring youth to protect Singapore’s marine ecosystems through funding from Sands.