News | November 8, 2018

Expanding Career Horizons at Marina Bay Sands

In 2014, Guo Meiling started her career at Marina Bay Sands as an intern with a scholarship through Republic Polytechnic. As she studied Restaurant and Culinary Operations, she was eager to pursue a cross-training opportunity with the property’s Food & Beverage teams.

“I did my internship with In-Room Dining (IRD) for three months before embarking on an 18-month management trainee program. During this period, I managed to complete stints in IRD, Club55, SweetSpot, stewarding, kitchen, service bar gaming floor, and banquets!” she said. “After the program, I was cautious about the jump from trainee to assistant manager – I worked really hard to gain the respect of my Team Members by proving my capabilities and embracing my new role at Club55,” she added.

While applying her knowledge from working in other departments to improve processes and enhance guest experience at the Club55 lounge, Meiling is also proud of her team’s camaraderie and their determination to create unforgettable memories for their guests. “No matter how busy we are, we always do everything as a team – this means helping one another whenever possible,” she said.

As Club55 hosts our regular guests who visit Marina Bay Sands frequently, Meiling puts in the effort to build rapport and maintain relationships with them. Along with her team, they often have to answer questions from guests that are beyond their scope.

Pursuing a career in the F&B industry opened a whole new world for Meiling, who acknowledged that being in the F&B industry is a “continuous learning journey” as she could glean knowledge from different mentors, coworkers, and environments. Her countenance brightened whenever she spoke of her teams across various departments.

“All these internal transfers during my program gave me invaluable experience and relationships with not only my guests, but also my fellow Team Members!” she concluded.

Headshot of Guo Meiling