News | August 2, 2017

Expanding Career Horizons at Marina Bay Sands

With his natural affinity for interacting with people and an interest in the casino industry, James Chong was drawn to a position in Player Development after hearing of various job opportunities at Marina Bay Sands. Initially a Supervisor in the Public Area Department (PAD), he decided to apply for a transfer.

“I wanted to challenge myself and do something different,” Chong said. “Previously, in PAD, I was stationed at the casino and was in-charge of maintaining our high standard of cleanliness with my team. After observing Player Development Team Members on the floor, I realized I was interested in customer relationships and wanted to engage guests as well.”

Las Vegas Sands has remained committed to helping Team Members thrive and advance in the hospitality industry and create an outstanding working environment. After being hired in Player Development, Chong then joined the Operations team as a Customer Relations Executive in 2016. On a day-to-day basis, he assists guests with any needs to ensure a great guest experience. He also supports the sales team as they collaborate to keep guests returning to Marina Bay Sands.

“The casino industry is an interesting field as we get to meet all kinds of people – this keeps us on our toes all the time,” he said. “I’m also fortunate to be part of one of the best teams in this industry and I sincerely believe we are stronger than our competitors.”

Despite having to adapt to a new environment, Chong embraced it and admitted that his adaptability meant he was accustomed to his job within a week. He also attributed his smooth transition to his management for their encouragement and guidance. He emphasized the importance of having effective and friendly management helping him adjust so quickly.

“James was the first application we’ve received from PAD,” said Katiana Sukamto, Director of Player Development. “I distinctly remember interviewing him because I was surprised and impressed with the level of awareness and understanding he had about Player Development, simply by observing how we work on the gaming floor.”

By continuing to fulfill and exceed guests’ expectations, Chong recalled how perfecting Mandarin Chinese helped him better communicate with his fellow Team Members in PAD and now with Chinese-speaking guests.

“I want to make guests feel at home even though they’re in a foreign country,” he said. “We can foster close relationships simply by speaking their language. Ultimately, I’m pleased with my internal transfer and would encourage fellow Team Members to try it if the opportunity arises. Internal transfers mean we can groom our own talent and facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas across our numerous divisions.”

Expanding Career Horizons at Marina Bay Sands