News | January 12, 2017

First-Year Harvard MBA Student Chooses Las Vegas Sands for Climate Change Assignment

Exterior view of writing on Harvard Building

Technology and Operations Management is a required class taken by all first year MBA students at Harvard Business School. In 2016, for the first time and as part of their program, all 950 students were assigned a task that focused on climate change. Specifically, the students were given a challenge to write a blog posting of about 800 words, describing how a single organization of their choosing is being affected by climate change, either through the company’s operations, innovation system, or supply chain. The scholars were asked to reflect on these questions and challenges, writing and posting their responses to an open blog so they could consider the input and additional insights of their peers by reading each other’s posts and commenting on them.

Each student was asked to choose one company or organization likely to be affected, and consider the steps already taken or that should be taken in the face of this threat. Then in class, the students participated in debates, with an ultimate goal of them leaving committed to helping solve this critical challenge. The reason for the assignment was for the students to understand the role of corporate leaders in thinking about climate change and how it affects their company, industry, supply chain and their communities.

One of the students in the class chose Las Vegas Sands for the assignment, highlighting our pioneering Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability program, our numerous industry leading eco-friendly initiatives, as well as our various LEED Green Building certifications. They also underscored our commitment to corporate responsibility and our efforts to be exceptional corporate citizens.

“I am elated that Harvard Business School chose to focus on climate change as a topic for their first-year MBA students and that one of the students selected Las Vegas Sands as a case study,” said Katarina Tesarova, vice president of global sustainability at Las Vegas Sands. “We strive hard to reduce our impact on the environment and we believe it is the responsibility of all corporations to incorporate into their own business models. This assignment was the ideal catalyst to spur discussion and heighten awareness about climate change, and is exactly what we need more of.”

Visit the link below to read the blog posting authored by first-year Harvard MBA student about Las Vegas Sands.