News | September 20, 2018

Follow the Kit: Clean the World

In 2011, Las Vegas Sands and Clean the World began their partnership through a recycling effort. The global social enterprise works to protect the environment and save millions of lives by leading a global hygiene revolution to distribute recycled soap and hygiene products to those in need.

Shawn Seipler, founder and CEO, started Clean the World in 2009 right from his garage after spending about 150 nights a year in hotel rooms and wondering what happened to the little bars of soap left behind. He soon learned that they were simply thrown away. Seipler launched Clean the World to recycle soap and save lives by helping potentially prevent the deaths of millions of children a year due to the inaccessibility to soap.

The organization partners with 5,000 hotels and resorts, including Las Vegas Sands’ Integrated Resorts worldwide, to collect partially used bars of soap and other amenities. The hygiene products are then taken to be sanitized and recycled into new bars of soap, shampoo, and conditioner at their warehouses. More than 605,000 pounds of waste from Las Vegas Sands’ properties have been transformed into more than 2 million bars of soap and distributed in 127 countries.

Each year, Las Vegas Sands properties host a hygiene kit build to benefit their local communities in need. Team Members and community volunteers gather to fill kits with basic hygiene necessities including soap, shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a washcloth. In 2017, Las Vegas Sands properties across the globe came together and assembled 100,000 hygiene kits, bringing the company’s grand total of 500,000 since the start of the kit builds.

In efforts to provide an immediate source for hygiene relief to those experiencing homelessness in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Sands and Clean the World partnered together again on a new venture, Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers Powered by Clean the World. This initiative was launched to provide access to a private shower, hygiene supplies, and other resources to the homeless community in Southern Nevada. The traveling hygiene unit is the first of its kind in the Southern Nevada community and has provided more than 5,000 showers and hygiene kits to users in its first year of service.

“Many families cannot afford the basic hygiene products each of us take for granted. The annual Las Vegas Sands Global Hygiene Kit build has allowed us to distribute over a half a million life-saving kits to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in local communities,” Seipler said. “Overall, Las Vegas Sands has contributed over $2 million to our mission, allowing us to expand our programs both in the United States and in Asia. Through the generous support of partners like Las Vegas Sands, we are able to dramatically reduce the spread of hygiene-related illnesses and save millions of lives globally.”

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