News | August 17, 2018

Follow The Kit: The Suites

With 11 properties across the globe, Las Vegas Sands has more than 22,000 suites available for guests at its Integrated Resorts. Inside each suite, guests are welcomed by a number of luxury features including a wide screen TV, a comfortable bed, spectacular views, and bathroom amenities.

Each property checks in thousands of guests every year, and as a result, some of the complimentary bathroom items go unused or gently used. In response, Las Vegas Sands’ global corporate giving program, Sands Cares, teamed up with Clean the World, a global social enterprise, to divert these discarded items from landfills to support a larger cause—hygiene awareness. Clean the World’s mission is to protect the environment and save millions of lives by leading a global hygiene revolution to distribute recycled soap and hygiene products to those in need. Since 2011, Clean the World has recycled more than 605,000 pounds of waste from Las Vegas Sands’ properties into 2.6 million bars of soap.

Team Members play an integral role in ensuring any bathroom amenities including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath gel, and soap that has not been used or only half-used are collected for donation to Clean the World for sanitation and recycling.

“During each service, any amenities that are at least half full, are collected for donation. The Team Member will take the discarded items and sort them on their cart,” Bruce Moore, director of Guest Services and Housekeeping at The Venetian and The Palazzo, said. “When they return to their locker rooms, there are bins which contain each item where they will place the discards. The items are then brought downstairs to their respective receptacle to be donated.”

More than 125,000 soaps have been collected and donated to the social enterprise since the start of the company’s partnership. However, opportunities to work with charities and provide additional sustainable uses for suite items go beyond soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Extra toilet paper rolls are donated to a local charity, all cleaning rags are repurposed bed linens/terry, and all electronics or worn items that are not presentable for the suites standards, but are operational, are also collected for donation. For an even “greener” stay, guests have the ability to opt out of having their linen changed daily.

“Team Members take great pride in reducing waste and making an impact to the community and they are further encouraged to support the initiative,” Moore said.

Las Vegas Sands conducts a global hygiene kit build with Clean the World bringing together Team Members, their families, and the local communities to assemble hygiene kits filled with recycled soap, conditioner, shampoo, and other hygiene supplies to provide immediate relief to those in need. Through this volunteer effort, the company has created 500,000 hygiene kits that have been distributed worldwide

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