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News | December 4, 2014

Getting to Know Greg Kite, Executive Director of Operations at Sands Bethlehem

Personable, approachable, and outgoing can all be used to describe Sands Bethlehem’s new Executive Director of Operations, Greg Kite. Originally from the Bay-Area in California, Greg never thought that working in the casino industry would become his passion. However, while studying to become a math teacher at UC Davis, Greg was contacted by a casino and offered a job he couldn’t resist. Beginning his career as a Blackjack dealer at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, it was then that Greg fell in love with the energy and excitement that surrounds the casino industry. After a few years of dealing cards, Greg was offered an opportunity to relocate to Tunica, Mississippi to work at yet another casino. Then opportunity came knocking several more times. Greg went on to work at traditional land-based, international, and Native American racinos/casinos in New Zealand, Kansas, Louisiana, and now Bethlehem, PA.

After seamlessly jumping on board a month ago, Greg has already made a positive impact on the Sands Bethlehem property. Greg works closely with our ECO360 team to promote sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices around the property. For example, Greg is proud to announce that Sands Bethlehem will be receiving a food digester in the team dining room. This machine will turn leftover food scraps into gray water run-off, which will reduce the amount of food dumped into landfills. Also, the current parking garage lights will be replaced by energy-saving LED lights. These lights will continue to provide safety to employees and guests, but will also reduce energy costs.

As Greg takes some time to reflect on his 20 year career in the casino industry, he explains that his success wasn’t just luck; hard work and dedication prove to be his method to success. In fact, Greg lives by the quote “luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.” But there’s more to Greg than just his professional accomplishments. He’s a loving husband and father of two sons, ages 9 and 10. Some of his hobbies include scuba diving, skiing, and building muscle cars.

Greg Kite is proud to say he’s a Sands Bethlehem employee and has already been enjoying his time on property. And on the flip side, Sands Bethlehem team members are already inspired by Greg’s leadership and passion for the casino and are looking forward to working closely with him in the future!