News October 25, 2015
ICYMI: Forbes Highlights LVS' Dedication to Employee Education

Last week, Las Vegas Sands was featured in a Forbes story written by Jonathan Salem Baskin. The article focused on LVS’ dedication to continuing education for our Team Members, as well as those in the hospitality industry that are not employed by LVS. Our recently launched training and development program, Sands Academy, focuses on providing the resources and support to help our Team Members improve their skills and move up in their careers. Our partnership with the UNLV PLuS (Professional and Leadership Studies) Center allows working professionals in the hospitality industry to have access to the resources that will help prepare them for leadership roles within the industry.

“We believe in giving back to the community, first because we believe it’s simply the right thing to do, but also because empowering people to advance and be successful in their careers will benefit our business,” said Ron Reese, Senior VP of Global Communication and Corporate Affairs for LVS. “There could be a future executive working on our floor right now, or at one of our competitors. We’re happy to place this bet on their ability to make a difference for us and our industry.”   

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