News | October 7, 2016

Las Vegas Sands Hosts Teach for America Teachers

Las Vegas Sands Hosts Teach for America Teachers

At the beginning of August, Las Vegas Sands hosted seven new teachers from Teach for America – Las Vegas Valley.  Teachers were invited to meet and join Las Vegas Sands Team Members at Lagasse’s Stadium for an informal dinner to get to know locals and feel welcomed to their new city.

Teach for America’s longest-running summer tradition brings community leaders together to host a small dinner to welcome the new Teach for America teachers to the Las Vegas community.  The dinners are informal and allows the teachers the opportunity to learn more about the work that Las Vegas Sands and other community leaders do in the area and gives leaders the chance to meet the new recruits.  The dinners have been incredibly popular with TFA teachers and community members.

“It was great to meet such impressive teachers and it felt like a get-together with friends,” Senior Manager, Global Synergies Mandy Martin said.  “Vegas is a hard place to meet people and put down roots.  This was a great opportunity to create another connection in the city for the new teachers.  We just want them to know we’re here and they have resources in the community.”

Teach for America – Las Vegas Valley is a corporate partner with Las Vegas Sands.  Along with Nevada Succeeds and the Public Education Foundation, the three organizations have partnered with Las Vegas Sands to form the Sands Education Council, which supports ideas and programs for the recruitment, hiring and retention of the most talented teachers to be placed in Southern Nevada classrooms.

“I think we were all impressed with the caliber of people that Teach for America recruited,” Martin said.  “We feel lucky to have them in the community and we look forward to more events like this one.”

Check back with Sands Confidential for more stories on how the teachers are doing in Las Vegas and in their classrooms.