News | February 9, 2018

MBS x SGIFF: Youth Film Project Inspires Young Filmmakers

Marina Bay Sands has been a presenting sponsor of the Singapore Independent Film Festival since 2014 and continues to look for new ways to inspire aspiring filmmakers while growing the art audience in Singapore.  As a strong champion of youth and arts education, Marina Bay Sands launched the MBS x SGIFF: Youth Film Project.  This new initiative gives young filmmakers a chance to experience and participate in a filmmaking project that takes place across Marina Bay Sands during their annual Sands for Singapore Charity Festival.  Sands for Singapore and Sands Cares, Las Vegas Sands’ corporate giving program, were established to provide properties and their Team Members the opportunities to be good corporate citizens and contribute to the regions in which we operate.

Under the guidance of Marina Bay Sands’ in-house Visual Media experts, Creative Head Alain Lim and Production Executive Shraddha Ramsundar, participants co-produced and co-directed a five to ten minute documentary film shot at Marina Bay Sands.  This year, undergraduates Lee Jia Yi and Martin Loh from Nanyang Technological University were shortlisted for the project.  Their documentary, Act of Grace, captures the relationship between two people from seemingly different worlds which aims to challenge stereotypes of the deaf community and illustrate the strength and vibrancy of deaf culture.

“It’s heartening to know that young people like Jia Yi and Martin want to communicate the challenges faced by the hearing-impaired through their work,” Alain said.  “They were steadfast in their vision but lacked the technical knowledge in articulating it to their cinematographer.  Shraddha and I guided them though the relevant workflows and processes to help them bring their vision to life.  They were a joy to work with and I’m glad we were able to help them.”

Looking forward to similar mentoring opportunities in the future, Team Members are excited to co-produce larger projects with aspiring young filmmakers through this project.

“Even though I was a mentor in this project, I learned a lot from the project as well,” explained Shraddha.  “As I’m usually involved in operations, being a supervisor was an eye-opening experience for me.  We also had the opportunity to work with Grace from the Singapore Association of the Deaf. Despite her hearing impairment, she continually works towards fulfilling her ambition of being an actress.  While she faced greater challenges on set, she’s definitely someone who does not allow her disabilities to define her and it was truly inspirational to have worked with her.”

MBS x SGIFF: Youth Film Project Inspires Young Filmmakers