News | November 26, 2018

Nevada Recycles with The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

In support of America Recycles Day on November 15, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas partnered with the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Nevada Recycles Program to sponsor a statewide recycled art contest to raise awareness of recycling. The theme followed Earth Day’s 2018 campaign to End Plastic Pollution and required all entries to be composed of used, or found plastic materials.

More than 190 artists from eight counties statewide, ranging from students in kindergarten through 12th grade, to adults and professional artists, submitted photos of their artwork composed of recyclable plastic materials. Fourteen winners were selected and the top projects were awarded a cash prize up to $250 by The Venetian.

“We’re thrilled that the recycled art contest attracted such an impressive collection of creative recycled art pieces from artists throughout Nevada. We hope that the contest has helped to inspire Nevadans, both young and old, to make recycling a way of life,” said Pranav Jampani, Director of Sustainability for The Venetian.

In 2017, Nevada’s recycling rate was 21%.  Nevadans (including the tourist population) throw away about six pounds of trash, per person, per day, according to the Nevada Recycles. That’s about three million tons of trash going to a landfill every year. Sands ECO360, the company’s global sustainability strategy, reinforces the company’s responsibility to the plant and commitment to minimizing its environment impact while leading the hospitality industry in sustainability. Last year, two Team Members celebrated their children’s wins during the 2017 Nevada Recycled Art Contest.

To view all contest entries visit the Nevada Recycles program Flickr page here.

Nevada Recycles with The Venetian Resort Las Vegas