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News | September 22, 2023

Sands Focuses on Global Team Member Awareness During Responsible Gaming Education Month 2023

Throughout the month of September, Sands is leveraging Responsible Gaming Education Month 2023 to drive Team Member awareness of the company’s leadership in and commitment to providing guests with an extensive body of resources that help ensure responsible play at its global resorts.

Responsible Gaming Education Month is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and was established by the American Gaming Association to promote gaming literacy and consumer education, elevate employee training, and work with partners to advance understanding of responsible gambling.

Spearheaded by the comprehensive Sands Project Protect program, Sands’ responsible gaming initiatives aim to lead the industry in exceeding government regulations to safeguard guests and communities from problem gambling behavior. Throughout September, Sands and its resorts are conducting a campaign to reinforce the company’s responsible gaming standards, resources and processes among Team Members, who can be the first line of action should issues arise.

During Responsible Gaming Education Month 2023, awareness efforts are targeting internal Team Member touchpoints such as back-of-house digital signage, Team Member portals, internal communications channels and social media. Educational themes include the company’s commitment to building a responsible gaming culture from within, details on Sands’ full suite of efforts to empower guests to play responsibly, and reinforcement of the compliance measures the company meets or exceeds as part of regional gaming regulations that are in place to protect players.

“The American Gaming Association’s month-long observance unites our industry and our resorts in a shared commitment to promoting awareness of how guests can have safe yet entertaining gaming experiences,” Maria Christina Annaloro, director of responsible gaming and government relations, said. “On a 24-hour/7-day-per-week basis, we offer extensive responsible gaming resources in our resorts, but this month marks the time when we reinforce our commitment to ensuring our efforts not only meet but exceed the standards for promoting responsible play.”

Developed with leading industry experts, Sands’ responsible gaming program aims to safeguard its guests and communities by helping players make informed choices. At the heart of the program are the company’s responsible gaming ambassadors – Team Members who are specially trained to identify gambling risk before problems start and offer resources to guests that can help mitigate these situations.

Responsible gaming ambassadors are available at all Sands’ resorts every day, 24 hours a day, and offer knowledge, tools and resources to ensure responsible gaming is top of mind for players. All Sands Team Members are trained to offer guests opportunities to speak with responsible gaming ambassadors. In addition, all Sands properties feature accessible and prominent signage for resources, as well as offer self-limit options to help guests responsibly enjoy their gaming experience.

Sands also supports a number of third-party organizations and thought leaders with funding for research and programs to further understanding of problem gambling and ways to reduce risk. In 2022, Sands donated $300,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming for ongoing research and education, and Sands China provided $56,000 to four local organizations for responsible gaming and financial management roadshows, workshops, trainings and sharing sessions.

Sands’ resorts also work to ensure they remain on the forefront of responsible gaming practices through industry certifications. Last year, The Venetian Macao and The Londoner Macao obtained the newly developed Macau Responsible Gaming Indicator accreditation, supporting Sands’ global commitment to the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct. Marina Bay Sands also obtained RG Check accreditation through the Responsible Gambling Council.

“Establishing a full gamut of practices to promote and protect the well-being of our guests is a commitment we make not only to our patrons but our host communities and all of our stakeholders,” Annaloro said. “By cultivating an environment of responsible play at our resorts, we ensure we meet the expectations of our communities and reinforce our company’s high standards for responsibility in all operations and activities.”

As part of the Sands Project Protect program, Sands’ stringent set of safeguards and formalized initiatives to encourage responsible gaming represent one of three priorities that also include the company’s efforts to prevent financial crime and promote counter trafficking measures. To learn more about Sands’ responsible gaming efforts and the full gamut of Sands Project Protect initiatives, read the 2022 ESG Report:

Sands is leveraging Responsible Gaming Education Month 2023 to drive Team Member awareness of the company’s leadership in and commitment to responsible gaming.