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News | July 25, 2023

Sands’ 360-Degree Approach to Team Member Advancement Prioritizes Overall Well-Being

A top priority within Sands’ target to invest $200 million in workforce development by 2025 is empowering the success of the company’s 35,000 global Team Members. In Macao, Sands China has entrenched on a workforce development strategy to address the whole person, through a variety of mental and physical well-being initiatives that encompass a 360-degree approach to Team Member advancement.

“When our Team Members are healthy and feel satisfied with all aspects of their life, they are confident at work, and able to better succeed in their current roles as well as better-positioned to aim for new development,” said Wen Hongyan, senior vice president of human resources at Sands China. “That’s why we’ve designed wellness programs that aim to inspire happy Team Members and promote a family-friendly environment to encourage optimum work performance, job satisfaction and an overall sense of belonging.”

Work-Life Balance and Family Connection
Over the past year, Sands China has evolved its initiatives to better integrate Team Members’ professional and personal lives, with a dual focus on fostering healthy work-life balance and engaging families in fun and meaningful activities. Efforts to protect and nurture family bonds have delivered positive impact in Team Member satisfaction, engagement and well-being.

Highlights have included introduction of modified flexible work shifts that enable shortened work weeks, post-maternity scheduling benefits to help new mothers balance work and care for their newborns, and Happy 360, a month-long series of activities to encourage Team Members to develop a positive mindset and build a harmonious workplace.

To promote family engagement, Sands China hosted events that enabled Team Members to enjoy experiences with their loved ones. Examples include The Venetian Macao’s 15th anniversary carnival day and a junior-chef workshop series in which parents and children learned to make seasonal recipes together.

Self-Improvement Tools
Promoting self-improvement is also a significant component of Sands China’s Team Member advancement efforts. As part of its Better Self initiatives, Sands China rolled out the “my” series, which encompasses the myWay training along with other platforms to enhance Team Member engagement and a sense of belonging.

Elements include myFITNESS to encourage good habits for health, physical fitness and well-being; myLEISURE, a recreational space featuring a reading corner, sports games, karaoke, massage chairs and more; myTV, a Heart of-House broadcast channel showing news, property information and leisure activities; and myDISCOUNT, which offers exclusive deals at more than 300 internal and external outlets in Macao and Greater China.

Well-Being in Retirement
Sands China’s commitment to the well-being of its Team Members continues even as they retire. The company’s Golden Age Programme aids senior Team Members as they navigate post-career transitions. The voluntary retirement program offers comprehensive short-term, long-term and lifetime benefits to supplement formal retirement regulations. Launched in 2020, the Golden Age Programme featured eight celebratory events for seniors last year.

Beyond these Sands China initiatives, Sands’ properties and corporate headquarters offer Team Members a variety of training programs covering topics such as preventing burnout, digital health, sleep, self-care and open communication.

To learn more about Sands’ workforce development ambition, Team Member advancement initiatives and commitment to Team Member well-being, read the 2022 ESG Report here:

In Macao, Sands China’s 360-degree approach to Team Member advancement prioritizes mental, physical and social well-being.