News | November 18, 2016

Sands Academy Celebrates ESL Graduates

Sands Academy Celebrates ESL Graduates

For the second year, Sands Academy celebrated the graduation of 12 of its Housekeeping and PAD Team Members as they received their certifications as graduates of English as a Second Language (ESL). The ceremony celebrated the obstacles that each had overcome during the course, aiming to highlight their progress and the confidence gained in speaking English.

“What do we learn in this class?” Rosa Medina, Palazzo Housekeeping, said. “We’ve learned how to pronounce words in English and write in English. The first draft of a paper I wrote in this class was covered in red marks. My teacher told me the goal was to have ‘no more red.’ My final draft only had a few marks. I owe it all to my teacher Tatiana.”

During the graduation ceremony, the students presented mood boards about where they are from and what is most important to them all in English. Many thanked the company and Sands Academy for offering the class so that they can improve themselves and keep learning.

“This is one of the most requested classes we had when we did our Training Survey for Personal Enrichment series,” Sandra Di Prospero, Learning and Development Coordinator, said. “It’s very convenient for Team Members to have the class here and it’s important for the Learning and Development teams to make sure we not only offer classes that will enhance their career within the company, but we also want to offer classes that they can utilize in their daily life.”

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