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News | May 25, 2018

Sands Academy, Elevate Certificates: Colin Edwards

Through Las Vegas Sands’ learning and development program, Sands Academy, the Elevate Series was established to offer various courses to all Team Members, providing tools for leaders to manage their teams and build relationships to ensure success within their departments.  Also through Sands Academy, Las Vegas Sands focuses on helping Team Members thrive and advance in the hospitality industry.

“We have the best structure than any other resort on the Strip that I know,” Marcus Grayson, assistant director of guest services at The Venetian and The Palazzo, said.  “Management believes in you and they make it possible to move forward in your career.  These courses allowed me to evaluate my role and it changed the way I think.  I have the tools to take a step back, focus and then make a good final decision, looking at the bigger picture.  It’s important to hear all sides to a story before a decision is made.”

Courses range from team building and leading change, to accountability and effective coaching.  While classes are not required, managers highly encourage Team Members to attend.  Grayson said it’s important for learning and growth.  Within the department, the team deals with guest complaints and issues and it’s important to have the tools to be able to recover the guest and make the situation right.

“The courses really fit the mold of our department,” he said.  “I remember really being impacted by the effective feedback class.  It really showed me a better way to deal with conflicts and how to deal with them.  We deal with so many different conflicts, from guest challenges to Team Member disagreements on how to handle certain situations.  We have to try to make it better and move forward.  Talking stuck out in my mind as something that really helps the team and understand what’s needed to make someone’s job a little easier.  We are the first and the last people the guests will see.”

Heading a team of 370 Team Members and more than 20 managers, Grayson said he deals with a lot of Team Members and guests personalities, so being able to adjust and change with each person and situation is key.  He says it’s challenging, but the Elevate courses have given him the tools to deal with any type of issue.

“The company really shows that they want Team Members to be the best they can be and grow within their jobs,” he said.  “This is a huge plus of working here.  We are able to bring new ideas to the table and we have an outlet.  The company’s support and encouragement to get better goes a long way to be happy and want to come to work every day.”