News | March 30, 2018

Sands Academy Elevate Certificates: Sharon Lynch

For seven years, Sharon Lynch, Facilities Project Manager has worked for The Venetian and The Palazzo, remodeling spaces within the Integrated Resorts.  Last year, she was made aware of classes for supervisors and managers.  Through Sands Academy, the department established the Elevate Series, an addition to their already established Learning and Development courses offered to all Team Members, the Elevate Series focuses on providing tools for leaders to manage their Team Members and build relationships to ensure success within departments. Along with Sands Academy, Las Vegas Sands focuses on helping Team Members thrive and advance in the hospitality industry.

“Some of the classes didn’t really apply to me at times because we’re such a unique department but I think I was able to take something from each class I attended,” Lynch said.  “The Emotional Intelligence class really stood out for me. It was pertinent and applicable and made me more capable in identifying issues and dealing with problems.  I realized it’s important to not take anything personally, sometimes people are dealing with other issues that affect their work.”

The class emphasized that managers and supervisors make more direct requests to avoid confusion, but to also be mindful of their Team Members personalities and how criticism can affect their work.  For Lynch, she said she used to assume what people were thinking.  Now she has learned to be direct and intentional in her direction.

“I now give more direct requests and really lead from start to finish,” she said.  “I’m better at giving deadlines and I can now really state what I need and when I expect it to be done.  I always wanted to make other people happy, anticipating that something will go wrong, but we’re all adults and we don’t need to make everyone happy.  We all have a job to do to get a project done.”

Without any direct reports, Lynch manages projects with various departments within the two properties.  With a her specialty of finding office spaces as departments move in or expand, she has to be strategic and get others involved to get the end result.

“I manage the remodels and refreshing of offices at The Venetian and The Palazzo,” she said.  “It’s constant as there is always someone moving in or out and I just have to figure out where to put them.    There’s been so much company growth and change along with new management so we get creative on where to put people and how to group departments.  In my position, it’s really important to have good communication, learn how to solve problems and have good teamwork.  Everyone has their opinion of how we should do something and I think it’s important to listen and make them own the project with me.  Since I’ve taken the Elevate classes, there has been more team work and everyone gets ownership of the project and pride in what they do.  It’s not just my project, it’s the whole teams.”