News | March 2, 2018

Sands Academy, Elevate Series: Emotional Intelligence

Through Sands Academy’s Elevate Series, Team Members are offered training and development courses to provide them with the tools to lead their teams and build relationships to ensure success within their departments.

“We’re dealing with people constantly,” Stephanie McHugh, Senior Manager of Talent Development at The Venetian and The Palazzo, said. “Having strong emotional intelligence helps to build those relationships.”

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize and react appropriately to emotions in ourselves and others. With a high EQ, people are generally able to remain calm under pressure, resolve conflict effectively, practice empathy, lead by example, and may put more consideration in business decisions. The four key components of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

“People quit bosses more than they quit jobs,” McHugh said. “So it’s really important for us to be able to relate to our Team Members emotionally, so that we may be able to empathize and put ourselves in their shoes. It’s what we should be doing as leaders.”

Within the four components of a healthy EQ are continuous ways to improve which can be small changes including paying more attention, eating well, practicing empathy, and listening to understand, not respond.

Jerelle Gordon, National Sales Tradeshow manager for The Venetian and The Palazzo, said she wants to continue taking classes similar to the Elevate series to help her become a better leader and grow more within herself.

“There’s great information in these classes, and it’s all stuff you know,” she said. “But you’re reminded of it and it makes you think ‘Oh yeah, I do that’ and I need to check myself.”

Gordon said the class focusing on emotional intelligence taught her that she needs to learn more about herself and focus on self-management by reacting better in situations where her emotions might play a major part.

“When I feel good and I’m in a good mood and I feel strong and balanced with life, I can handle anything. But when I haven’t slept well, I’m not eating right and I don’t feel good, that’s when I really need to focus on how I react to situations,” Gordon said. “If I’m having a rough day, I know I can go to the gym here and get a quick workout and it completely changes the whole energy of my day. And the classes they allow us to do, it’s pretty amazing the support we have here mentally, physically, emotionally. I’ve never worked for a company that’s done that.”

Sands Academy, Elevate Series: Emotional Intelligence
Sands Academy, Elevate Series: Emotional Intelligence 1