News | July 12, 2018

Sands Academy, Elevate Series: Managing Conflict

Sands Academy provides Las Vegas Sands Team Members with the opportunities to grow in both personal and professional development throughout their hospitality careers. In Las Vegas, Sands Academy offered those in managerial positions a chance to focus on enhancing their skills with the “Elevate” series. The course focuses on three learning areas including self-development, development of others, and development of business. In a class focusing on the development of others, Team Members picked up on techniques to minimize and manage conflict as a true leader.

“As a leader, we have to be someone who embraces conflict,” said Janell Ives, specialist for Talent and Organizational Development, Human Resources, at The Venetian and The Palazzo, said.

Ives began the course by revealing the three realities of conflicts: it occurs when parties have non-compatible goals, it is not always bad, and it is unavoidable. With these three truths, Team Members are just a few steps closer to understanding how they may approach conflict, effectively. Ives breaks down conflict into three different categories: relationship, task, and process. Through relationship conflict, parties are primarily dealing with people and their personalities, where strong emotions, stereotypes, miscommunication, or conflicting behaviors may be present. When parties vary in viewpoints on a task or organizational change, it is classified as a task conflict where parties are to determine what should be done. During a process conflict, parties disagree on how to perform a task or organizational change.

“Everyone has different opinions, which is largely based on their own perceptions and upbringings,” Ives said.

In order to effectively manage a conflict, Team Members were given self-assessment exercises to show how they might approach a situation based on their personality. The exercises focused on traits of competing, collaborating, avoiding, accommodating, and compromising. Ives conducted an open dialogue that allowed Team Members to share their styles, and provided feedback and tips on how to improve on the traits they were lacking.

“I loved the class!” Georgella Perry, catering and conference coordinator at The Venetian and The Palazzo, said. “I thought it was very informative and helpful in my day to day position.”

Perry has taken several Elevate courses that has helped her through her role in the hospitality industry. She has found the series to be enjoyable and beneficial to her professional development

Sands Academy, Elevate Series: Managing Conflict