News | November 28, 2016

Sands Academy Hosts Speaker for Cyber Security Awareness Month for October

Las Vegas Sands, in partnership with Sands Academy, invited guest speaker Art Coviello, retired Executive Chairman of RSA Security, to speak with Team Members at The Venetian and The Palazzo for National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Art spoke about the risks that many companies may face as technology becomes more prevalent in their day-to-day lives and tasks, both personally and professionally.  This year’s presentation focused on cyber threats, attacks and the newest techniques used to mitigate threats.

“I’ve been in business for 40 years in the technology field and 20 specifically in security,” Coviello said to the group.  “Users are vulnerable and technology exposes everyone.  Protecting yourself online is the consequence that we face as we become more innovative with technology.  The Internet only started 20 years ago but there wasn’t as much access as there is now.  At the workplace, employees can become the human firewall… from the weakest link to the last line of defense.”

In 2008, there were two billion online users.  Today, there are four billion with over two billion machines connected to the Internet.  With social media, there is an automatic lack of privacy, along with an increase in methods to get people’s information.  The focus of security becomes the risk that exists as hackers are taking their time to research and investigate their targets.

“Some of the biggest threats to large corporations like ours are smaller vendors that get hacked and eventually the hacker gets into the larger companies system acting as the vendor,” Ken Haertling, Senior Vice President of Global Cyber Security said.  “Smaller companies don’t have entire departments to safeguard against cyberattacks.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent, detect and respond.”

With nearly 50,000 Team Members in three different countries, Haertling said all Team Members must be aware of cyber security.  He continued, if they see something, they have to say something.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help monitor and protect a large  network like Las Vegas Sands.

“We are on 24/7, globally,” Haertling said.  “We are watching for threats every day and our geographic diversity is a huge asset.  When it’s nighttime in Asia, the team in the US is monitoring and vice versa.  We are always protecting our brand and assets.  It makes for a better customer experience and a smoother operation globally.  We acknowledge that cyberattacks can happen, but if we detect an issue quickly, we can minimize the impact and losses that may come with it.”