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News | October 24, 2016

Sands Academy Presents UNLV Effective Communication

Sands Academy Presents UNLV Effective Communication

Sands Academy recently invited UNLV Professor Anthony Gatling to present methods on Effective Communication as a part of their Training and Development for Team Members.  The workshop focused on planning effectively, adapting to the audience and delivering the message in the right way.  Through the UNLV PLuS CenterLas Vegas Sands has developed a lecture series, focusing on executive and professional education through the Harrah Hotel College.

“I currently teach leadership development classes through the PLuS Center, so my focus is on leadership development with communications as the key element,” Gatling said.  “So often, we find that the root cause of confusion is lack of communication between leaders and their employees.  It’s so important for leaders to communicate their expectations with clarity and good articulation.”

During the workshop, Gatling covered how to be an effective communicator emphasizing that you must adapt messages to the recipient’s needs and define the purpose of your message in order to get to the point that you are trying to make.  Selection of the right medium is essential in delivering the right message to the right person.

“Email and texting has taken away from good communication that usually happens in person or over the phone,” he said.  “When you hear or see the person, you see emotion and gestures and you hear the dialogue clearly.  Messages can get lost in translation with email and some leaders say one thing, but mean another.  A good leader needs to communicate and then follow up to make the message was understood.  The outcome is more favorable.  When you communicate effectively, especially in the hospitality industry with customers and employees, you can make a positive difference in a short amount of time.”