News | May 5, 2017

Sands Bethlehem Celebrates Earth Day

Sands Bethlehem Celebrates Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day this year, the sustainability department, along with other Team Members from Sands Bethlehem, volunteered their time at a local elementary school to host the second annual Earth Day Fair. The effort was in conjunction with Sands ECO360, Las Vegas Sands’ Global Sustainability strategy designed to help create a more sustainable future.

The fair began with an introduction and overview about Earth Day provided by Steven Fernstrom, sustainability manager at Sands Bethlehem. Crafts and games followed, designed to educate the students about the significance of recycling, and the importance to avoid adding materials in landfills that can be reused or recycled. The Earth Day Fair gave students from the Donegan Elementary School Green Team the opportunity to learn about sustainability-related issues by playing games and creating items made from recycled materials. All the materials used for the crafts and games came from everyday products found at Sands Bethlehem.

Some examples of the crafts and games included:

  • CD Fish – Out of date CDs were gathered from the Information Technologies Department
  • Plate Mural – Plates that were out of service were collected from Food and Beverage
  • Compost Pail – Large aluminum cans were gathered from Team Dining
  • Recycled Bottle Ring Toss – The bottles were provided by Food and Beverage
  • Recycling Basketball – Recyclable items were gathered from various office spaces


At all Las Vegas Sands properties, our responsibility to the planet is as important to us as our commitment to the comfort and well-being of our guests and Team Members. Through Sands ECO360, we continue to minimize our impact on the environment. The Sands ECO360 strategy is integrated across our entire business and the annual Earth Day Fair at Sands Bethlehem is just one example of how our team members volunteer their time for causes important to our company.