News | April 20, 2018

Sands Cares Hero of the Year: May Wu Yee Mei

In honor of the 2nd annual Sheldon G. and Dr. Miriam Adelson Citizenship Award, presented by Sands Cares, we are featuring our 12 Sands Cares Heroes, finalists for the Adelson Citizenship Award.  Las Vegas Sands established the award to recognize Team Members across all of our regions who have demonstrated a dedication to giving back to local communities and important causes.  The award was created to honor the Adelson family’s long-term commitment to philanthropy and the legacy of giving that they have instilled in the company.  The winner will be announced Wednesday, April 25.

Here are a few words from May Wu Yee Mei of Sands Macao on what Sands Cares and volunteering means to her:

This past year I was involved in various efforts such as Telephone Support Service Peng On Tung, an annual home visit and spring cleaning, visited elderly homes where I talked to the elderly about their needs and current situation, and we also sent them New Year gift packs and helped them clean their homes.  I also volunteered with Macao Holy House of Mercy, a food hamper distribution program where I helped distribute food hampers to needy and elderly people, the Macau Special Olympics, where we assisted the doctors in carrying out a hearing test for needy people who had joined the Healthy Athlete Program; helped keep people and things in order so that the doctors could do their work more smoothly.  The Las Vegas Sands Global Hygiene Kit Build with Clean the World was another initiative where I helped pack hygiene kits in support of Clean the World.  We used recycled hygiene products for the hygiene kits, which were then sent to developing countries in hopes of reducing hygiene-related illnesses.  Sands Cares really cares about and does a lot for our community.

Sands Cares is a company initiative that takes the lead in organizing different community events mainly for the elderly, children and people in need. It serves as a platform for us volunteers to show them love and care. Not only do we distribute commodities and gift packs to them during our events or visits, but we also show our love and care through talking to them and understanding their difficulties and needs. Sometimes our help is not tangible, but showing love and care for them is very important. What they need is someone to talk to and a platform to express themselves.

Sands Cares is very important to me and my fellow Team Members because it allows us to give back to our community, as well as to get up close and personal with those in need.  We can also learn from them, and may one day realize how blessed we are through our interactions and by listening to their stories.  It means a lot to me as it prompts me to think deeply to what extent I can give back to the community.  Through volunteer work and giving back to the community, we are making this world a better place to live in. What we are doing right now is for the future and for our next generation.   Volunteering makes me feel useful that I can give back to the community.