News October 28, 2016
Sands China Academy My Way Program Brings New Skill Sets to its Team Members

In September, Sands China Academy launched the My Way Program, which is the first career development program of its kind in Macao to be implemented on such a large scale.  It is the result of a systematic, cross-departmental effort to provide career opportunities for over 1,200 gaming Team Members, equipping them with an Integrated Resort non-gaming skill set to work in areas such as Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Facilities and Security.  

The program aims to laterally move Sands staff across different areas of the hospitality industry, providing them with diversified skills.  This initiative is also important as it supports Macao’s development as a world center of tourism and leisure by developing employees in the hospitality industry.

During the launch period, 189 large scale briefing sessions were delivered to more than 5,500 Team Members.  To ensure minimal disruption to daily operations, Human Resources worked closely with the nine departments involved to design dedicated, on-the-job training materials and plans for the 33 positions offered in the program. 

HR ensured all Team Members enrolled in the program participated in a refresher training on our Company’s service culture – “Because We Care.”  This was followed by one to seven weeks of the departmental on-the-job training depending on the job nature, to prepare them to get ready to work in a new role.