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News | September 14, 2020

Sands Commemorates Responsible Gaming Education Week

Every year, Sands partners with the American Gaming Association to commemorate Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW), this year taking place September 13 – 19. Our commitment to promoting responsible gaming, and providing resources for those who may be experiencing a problem related to gambling, remains steadfast year-round, and RGEW provides an extra opportunity to showcase and reinforce that commitment.

Through Project Protect, our corporate program focusing on critical social issues including the prevention of financial crimes and human trafficking, we lead positive change and provide lasting solutions for our communities. Our goal is to lead the industry in these important issues, one of the foundations of which is responsible gaming.

“Sands has always taken a leadership role in this issue,” says Maria-Christina Annaloro, director of government relations & responsible gaming at Sands. “As gaming continues to expand and grow in popularity around the world, our commitment to encouraging an atmosphere of safe and responsible gaming grows, as well.” That atmosphere is built in large part through conscious linking of responsible gaming experts, the research community and science-based programs that address problem gambling.

Our strategy of linking experts with the most up-to-date best practices addresses the issue on multiple fronts, with both guest- and Team Member-focused initiatives. For our guests, we provide access to a self-limit program, available for anyone who wants to enroll. Advertising and marketing materials related to gaming are strictly monitored and restricted, as well; casino gaming is an adults-only activity, so we ensure all marketing materials are placed in and targeted toward age-appropriate venues.

Additionally, all Team Members must complete a responsible gaming education module as part of our company-wide annual compliance training. Some Team Members elect to join our voluntary Responsible Gaming Ambassador program, which involves intensive training led by industry experts, and prepares them to directly assist any guest who may be experiencing a gambling-related problem, or who simply needs more information on responsible gaming.

“Responsible Gaming Education Week is a great opportunity for us to unite with the rest of the gaming industry in championing awareness,” Annaloro says. “We’re also furthering the discussion of the importance of safe practices today, tomorrow and 100 years from now.”

Sands encourages everyone – Team Members and guests alike – to always play responsibly, and to call the 24-hour problem gambling helpline to confidentially discuss any gambling-related concerns: 800.522.4700.