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News | July 27, 2023

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 2023: Sands Affirms its Counter-Trafficking Initiatives

On July 30, the United Nations (UN) observes World Day Against Trafficking in Persons to raise awareness and promote action from governments, law enforcement, public services and civil society to prevent human trafficking, as well as identify and help victims.

This year, the UN is calling for renewed efforts to combat human trafficking, as risk has risen due to global crises, conflicts and the climate emergency. Underscoring the need for greater attention and resources, the UN reports that human trafficking convictions fell by 27% in 2020.

Prevention of human trafficking at its resorts and in in all parts of the company, including its supply chain, is a core focus of Sands’ commitment to ensuring human rights protections. In support of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, Sands is sharing highlights of its multi-faceted counter-trafficking initiatives.

Training comprises a significant part of Sands’ counter-trafficking work. In 2022, the company conducted training globally to ensure Team Members remain abreast of current human rights protections via its compliance training curriculum that includes modules on the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and prevention practices for human trafficking. Team Members are also required to complete additional specialized modules by job function to address relevant issues and specific procedures. In 2022, 97% of Sands’ entire workforce completed counter-human-trafficking training, and nearly 1,500 Team Members in relevant functions participated in specialized counter-human-trafficking training.

Sands’ counter-trafficking trainings go beyond Team Members. In 2022, Marina Bay Sands trained suppliers with $100,000 or more in annual spend with the resort on the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which addresses policies on human trafficking, and Sands China trained its full body of suppliers on the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct. These trainings ensure business partners remain informed of applicable laws and regulations, as well as reinforce Sands’ standards for performance and behavior.

In addition, Sands’ counter-trafficking initiatives extend into every part of Sands’ supplier relationships, beginning with the screening process when establishing new business relationships and ventures. Supplier monitoring continues through annual due diligence reviews that include screenings for human trafficking along with other human rights violations.

In addition to corporate-led initiatives, Sands’ regions also have established counter-trafficking programs. Sands China’s Human Trafficking Prevention (HTP) Committee oversees the company’s efforts in preventing, detecting, investigating and remedying potential human trafficking activity at its resorts to ensure compliance with requirements of local Combat of Human Trafficking legislation and international standards and best practices. Sands China’s HTP Committee includes members from compliance, security, surveillance, housekeeping, front office, HR and other departments who meet monthly to assess activities, recommend courses of action, review findings and make revisions to standard operating procedures, guidelines and practices.

As part of Marina Bay Sands’ inaugural Compliance Week campaign, guidance material on preventing human trafficking was disseminated to managers and supervisors and will be available on the compliance department’s virtual platform, currently in development, to ensure accessibility to Team Members. In addition, the housekeeping department is developing training on suspicious room activities, which will include human trafficking prevention.

To learn more about Sands’ counter-trafficking initiatives and overall human rights efforts, read the 2022 ESG Report:

Learn about Sands’ counter-trafficking initiatives – a core focus of Sands’ commitment to ensuring human rights protections.