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News | February 4, 2021

Sands Demonstrates Commitment to Improving Business and Home Communities Through ESG Report

With the release of our 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, Sands continues to further our commitment to improving both our business and our communities through sustainable and eco-conscious operations, dedication to being responsible corporate citizens of our home communities and maintaining an ethical environment with a focus on a strong code of conduct and transparent governance. Throughout our company’s history, we have created positive economic impact in our home communities by delivering high-value business and leisure tourism and providing tens of thousands of jobs, supporting social programs through tax revenue and significant procurement spend in the regions in which we operate and patronizing local and diverse businesses whenever possible to meet our procurement and supply chain needs.

Beyond being an economic engine, we also act as a good corporate citizen, aim to be model employers in the regions we serve, are dedicated to supporting the positive well-being of our Team Members worldwide and have created a company culture that thrives on collaboration, celebrates diversity and ensures inclusiveness for both our guests and Team Members. Encompassing all these commitments is a pledge to transparency in reporting on our environmental operations, our social commitments and our governance practices.

This commitment is reflected in the ESG report, which was created using our company’s purpose, mission and values as a roadmap:

  • Our Purpose: Create positive impact through leisure and business tourism, contribute to economic benefits to our host communities and make our regions better places to live, work and visit
  • Our Mission: Develop and operate iconic Integrated Resorts that drive business and leisure tourism through sustainable business practices
  • Our Values: Pursue excellence in business performance; impeccable service and a strong dedication to collaboration; innovation; fairness, honesty and a strong code of ethics; and sustainability for People, Communities and Planet

Read the full report now to learn how the report reflects our purpose, mission and values.