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News | October 23, 2018

Summit 18: Faces of Collaboration – Emily Paulsen

Emily Paulsen has served as the Executive Director of the Nevada Homeless Alliance since 2016. She believes housing is a human right and is dedicated to building a socially just community where everyone can be housed. Originally from the northern central valley and bay area of California, Emily moved to Las Vegas in 2008. She is a do’er of homeless solutions with experience in street outreach, case management, program development, public policy, homeless system innovation, and advocacy. She is a lifelong learner, steadfast in the knowledge that an end to homelessness is not only possible but the ultimate purpose of her work.

What is your role in the development of the Plan?

The Nevada Homeless Alliance has been honored to serve on the planning team for The Movement. In this role, we had the opportunity to provide input and help to develop a statement of need, as well as goals and objectives for the Plan.

Why is it important for you to join The Movement?

The Nevada Homeless Alliance believes the large-scale change necessary to end homelessness, including youth homelessness, is made possible through collaboration and partnership. This work aligns with the core of our mission.

What do you think is the most important element needed to end youth homelessness?

Expansion of financial resources for youth-specific outreach, housing, and supportive services.

What is your hope for youth homelessness?

It is my hope and sincere belief that we can design a system so robust in services that the occurrence of youth homelessness is rare, brief, and one-time.