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News | October 25, 2018

Summit 18: Faces of Collaboration – Michele Fuller-Hallauer

Michele Fuller-Hallauer (MSW, LSW) is a Clark County Social Service Manager. Her leadership responsibilities include continual collaboration, coordination, resource and development efforts within the homeless service and behavioral health Continuum of Care (CoC), while spearheading system change in Southern Nevada. Fuller-Hallauer serves as a board member on the Nevada Interagency Council on Homelessness as well the National Alliance to End Homelessness Leadership Council. She has served as the CoC Coordinator for the past 13 years and has been a social worker for over 30 years with extensive experience in Mental Health (both children and adults), HIV/AIDS, workforce investment, homeless services, grant writing and program development.

What is your role in the development of The Plan?

I participated in the community meetings and served on the Joint Decision-Making Team. The Joint Decision-Making Team was responsible for monitoring the planning process timeline, reviewing the synthesized information and recommendations from the Planning Team, and making the final decisions on recommendations to inform the Plan’s content and reviewing the draft of the Plan.

Why is it important for you to join The Movement?

I believe that NO young person should ever be in a situation where they have no other options available to them than to sleep outside. To me this is unconscionable. It is our responsibility as American citizens and citizens of Clark County to invest in our future. Young people are our future.

What do you think is the most important element needed to end youth homelessness?

I think that the resources to provide access to secure, stable and adequate housing is the crux to ending youth homelessness.

What is your hope for youth homelessness?

It is my hope that our community bands together, makes a commitment to our youth who are our future, and invests in the solutions we know to work in order for us to be the first city across the nation to end youth homelessness. Ending youth homelessness means that our community coordinated response system can ensure that homelessness among our youth is rare, brief, one-time, and equitably addressed.

When the plan is released, read it, digest it and decide how you will help us end youth homelessness.