News | January 17, 2017

Team Members at Sands Bethlehem Adopt a Family

Adopt a family group surrounded by gifts

Local families received some extra joy in December thanks to a holiday initiative at Sands Bethlehem. Through a continued partnership with Donegan Elementary, students who were identified as a part of a family in need were each ‘adopted’ by a Sands Bethlehem department. Feeling the holiday spirit, departments purchased and wrapped gifts for each family member on the list. In addition to gifts, each department was responsible for collecting food items such as ingredients for a Christmas dinner, breakfast treats, desserts and everyday pantry items.

“Our teams were eager to be part of this,” said Susan Stachowski, Community Relations Coordinator. “They wanted to ensure that these families were going to really enjoy the holidays. Some families even received turkey, ham and prime rib. We wanted to make sure they had a delicious holiday feast.”

Days before the holiday, Sands Bethlehem held a party for the 20 families. The festive event included a Team Member who volunteered his DJ services, banquets serving a hot, buffet-style dinner and ended with each family receiving their presents. A total of 152 gift bags that included new bicycles, clothing and toys were given out. The property also ‘adopted’ Delta Co, an Air Force military troop, and purchased presents for their children ranging from six months to 13 years old.

“Emotions flooded the room, from both the families and our departments,” said Stachowski. “It’s easy to get into the spirit of Christmas when you know you are making a difference in someone’s life, especially during the holidays. We’re just ecstatic that Sands Bethlehem is able to spark some joy during the season.”