News | January 15, 2018

Team Members Test Their Knowledge on Sustainable Living

The sustainability team at The Venetian and The Palazzo put Team Members to the ultimate test on their knowledge of sustainable living.

A quiz made up of 11 multiple choice questions and one open-ended question were sent to Team Members. Those who received a perfect score were entered into a drawing to win prizes. The average score was 93 percent.

Pranav Jampani, Director of Sustainability at The Venetian, said the quiz was an opportunity for them to show how their properties are an example of sustainable living. At the same time, it provides Team Members with easy tips to conserve energy and water, reduce waste, and pledge to perform simple green actions in their everyday lives at work, home, and in the local community to truly make a sustainable impact.

Team Members proved successful in sustainable knowledge as the question with the highest accuracy asked to distinguish a low cost tip in saving electricity at home. They knew that switching from incandescent to LED bulbs would mark a significant change financially and in energy efficiency.

Similar to the “Green Ideas Challenge,” Team Members were asked an open-ended question to submit some of their own Green Ideas including to go paperless at the Team Member Concierge and email receipts, conduct a monthly “Sustainable Challenge” and enroll directors of each Department for a “Green Campaign,” and to reduce the air conditioning levels in each suite after guests check out.

Team Members were also quizzed on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that Las Vegas Sands’ Sands ECO360 program embraced, a topic Jampani felt was important for Team Members to be aware of. As part of Sands ECO360’s responsibility to the planet, the company is dedicated to leading the way in sustainable building development and resort operations at all Integrated Resorts. Sands ECO360 is continuing to make efforts toward ensuring the company aligns its own goals with United Nations SDG through clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and responsible consumption and production.