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News | December 1, 2017

The Venetian and The Palazzo Team Members Go Green for Halloween

During the annual “Trick O’ Treat Safe Street” for Team Members and their families, departments at The Venetian and The Palazzo decorated their own booths for young trick-or-treaters to visit. Team Members also took on the challenge to make their booths more sustainable, committing to Las Vegas Sands’ mission as good corporate citizens in reducing the impact to our planet.

Human Resources and Food & Beverage departments tied for first place with themes from Disney’s “Moana” and fortune tellers, respectively. Human Resources featured various recycled materials used for the tropical elements of their booth including palm trees, rocks, and the ocean. Team Members also used palm fronds from their homes, reclaimed wood, and materials that could also be used after the event, such as the tropical tissue paper flowers that will be reused for stuffing gift bags.

Food & Beverage’s fortune tellers theme had a sustainable twist by reusing most of the items that would have otherwise been thrown away. They created a Zoltar booth out of old conventioneer signs, gold coin beads made from used bottle caps, candle holders from used liquor and wine bottles, and a tent made out of old window panels donated by Team Members.

“We try to participate every year since we have so many resources to use,” said Lucia Moody, Beverage Staffing manager. “It’s a great feeling to see the team come together and have fun for the day.”

Along with the satisfaction of seeing everyone’s vision come together using recycled materials, Moody said it’s a great feeling to see the team come together and have fun.

Other departments found additional ways to make their booths eco-friendly and used as many available resources as possible, with materials that were found right on property: old signs, wood, and PVC tubes from previous Halloween or other casino events.

Second place winners included the Casino, Slots, Poker, Grazie, Credit and PAD departments. The Facilities department won third place. First and second place winners were awarded with a plaque and money towards a pizza party for their department and the third place winner received a plaque.

Two Women Dressed Up for Halloween at the Venetian