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News | August 4, 2020

Through Community-oriented Initiatives and Partnerships, Sands is Improving the Places we Call Home.

Sands operates as a responsible corporate citizen according to three pillars: the People who help us maintain our position as industry leaders, the Planet we all share and the Communities we call home. The regions where we operate our Integrated Resorts are hubs for business, but more importantly, they are the places we call home. As such, we have a committed and passionate focus on making our communities better places to live and work.

Through our central community-oriented initiatives, Sands Cares and Sands Project Protect, and our partnerships with hospitality industry educational initiatives, Sands is engaged in ongoing, active efforts tackling some of our communities’ most pressing concerns, including disaster relief and community resiliency; education and employment; and more.

Sands Cares, our global community engagement and charitable giving program, addresses the most pressing issues facing our communities through financial and in-kind donations and Team Member volunteerism. In 2019, we supported more than 100 community organizations dedicated to providing shelter, food and essential services. Our efforts in Las Vegas include a focus on the issue of youth homelessness, which we address through our support of the Lost in America Foundation, which seeks to shine a light of awareness on the issue on a national scale, and partnerships with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and other community initiatives. In Macao, Sands Cares ambassadors participate in a number of direct service initiatives, including cleaning for over 100 live-alone, elderly residents who reside in public housing. AWWA Family Service Centre is a central focus of our efforts in Singapore, as Sands Cares financial support aids the organization in its mission to help vulnerable, low-income persons achieve financial stability and resiliency.

Another integral component of our focus on communities is Sands Project Protect, our company program dedicated to the prevention of financial crimes, promotion of responsible gaming and counter-trafficking. Along with remaining constantly vigilant in exceeding the bounds of regional laws and regulations, we have recently renewed and updated our commitment to encouraging responsible gaming in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, updating our policies and ensuring our Responsible Gaming Ambassadors are prepared to assist any guest who may be experiencing a problem related to gambling. As part of our focus on counter-trafficking measures, we ensure an environment where no human trafficking occurs at our resorts, and educate our Team Members on recognizing potential signs of trafficking.

Development of the hospitality industry is another key area of focus in our commitment to communities. From Las Vegas to Macao to Singapore, Sands sponsors and supports organizations and initiatives designed to increase educational opportunities for both Team Members and local citizens looking to improve their career opportunities. The Sands Center for Professional Development at University of Nevada Las Vegas provides world-class training for hospitality students, and the Adelson Advanced Education Centre in Macao equips both Team Members and local residents with important skills and resources to excel in their careers. Additionally, through the Heartware Network Apprenticeship Program in Singapore, youth from low-income families are provided greater professional exposure to the industry.

When our communities are facing their toughest tests, as in the current COVID-19 pandemic, Sands’ commitment to the Communities we call home does not waver; in fact, this is when our efforts are most focused. For more information about our commitment to Communities, and all our corporate responsibility pillars, read Sands’ 2019 Corporate Responsibility Overview.